The Genesis Cleanse: Easy 7 Day Mediterranean Castor Oil Pack Cleanse

The Genesis Cleanse: Easy 7 Day Mediterranean Castor Oil Pack Cleanse

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The Genesis Cleanse will help you bloom, and not fall back into “blah”
It’s a fresh, new and original way to cleanse, designed to overcome the deprivation and discomfort of typical cleanses. Easily fast and feast through your day with delicious teas, broths and simple Mediterranean recipes & practice simple breathing exercises to help reset your balance when you feel your life around you is getting out of hand.

Would you love that?

This simple, step-by-step guided 14 day experience includes daily short and sweet motivational emails and 3-5 minute videos so you can begin to transform your physical and spiritual wellbeing.

  • The first 7 days are practical, where you’ll clean up your pantry, get your Castor Oil Pack Kit and shop for groceries to prepare for your cleanse, learning all of the original Mediterranean cleansing and detox principles.
    **This part is optional - you can binge-watch and skip ahead to your cleanse if you want.

  • The next 7 days are where you will do your cleanse, wearing your Castor Oil Packs over your liver and eyes, while you sleep. You will feast and fast Mediterranean-style, create your own intention, enjoy energizing breath work and move your energy through song (don’t worry, nobody has to hear you sing).

  • Access to the cleanse challenge with digital tools (reg. price $69.97)
  • NO products included

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Customer Reviews

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Yinali Rios
It works

I definitely feel the effects when I go get ready for bed I feel relaxed and my bowel movements are way better than they used to be for sure. Waiting to see what other improvements I notice on week 2!

Rebecca Credille

Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Liver Kit

Crystal Duval
Affordable biohacking tool

This castor oil pack has helped my healing journey tremendously! I am so grateful to have found this modality and it’s incredibly easy to use. It does not get in the way of my sleep in any way .

Sandra Griffin
Bright Eyes!

I started using Castor Oil around my eyes and liver area for the last 2 weeks. My husband said my eyes are brighter, the whites and the iris. Castor oil is the only thing I've changed in my daily habits. It's so easy to incorporate in my nightly routine.

Tenaya Pedersen
I didn’t notice a difference

I used the pack 7 nights in a row, following all instructions. I haven’t noticed any changes but I am going to continue until the bottle of oil runs out!