Welcome to the Queen of the Thrones® Charities page. Here, we share the stories of resilience, courage, and hope brought to life by our cherished partnerships with Endometriosis Events and KICKcancER

Dive deep into the profound impact these charities have on the lives touched by endometriosis and childhood cancer.

Endometriosis Events:

In the radiant spirit of Tami Ellis and Leah Haynes, founders of Endometriosis Events, their mission is a beacon of light: to uplift, support, and advocate for those locked in the battle against endometriosis.

This Canadian charity orchestrates events, fosters support groups, and sparks community education. Stand with us, united against endometriosis, and be the change you wish to see in the world.

Embrace hope. Spark change. End endometriosis.

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In the inspiring story of Season and Josh, the founders of KICKcancER, the heartbeat of their mission is to empower families navigating the emotional reality of childhood cancer. Fueled by the resilient spirit of their son, Kicker, they offer education, resources, and unwavering support to infuse hope into every corner of the cancer journey. Join the relentless pursuit to kick childhood cancer to the curb.

Unleash strength. Ignite hope. KICKcancER.

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Donate to support the life-altering work of Endometriosis Events and KICKcancER. Together, let's be the architects of hope for individuals and families in need. Share the stories, amplify the impact, and become a beacon of light in these worthy causes.

Empower lives. Inspire hearts. Join the movement.