Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Kids
Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Kids
Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Kids
Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Kids
Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Kids
Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Kids
Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Kids

Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Kids

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Your Original Castor Oil Kids Pack supports your child’s favorite new bedtime ritual that feels like a comforting warm hug and nourishes their little body, getting them ready for an amazingly deep, restful sleep. 

It works with organic castor oil (SOLD SEPARATELY) from the outside-in to set the foundation for excellent gut health, which reflects in better bowel movements, a calm and focused mind, healthy skin, and much more. Amazing, agreed?

Includes: 1 Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Pack for Kids | Inner layer of organic cotton sherpa, outer layer of non-toxic, solvent-free polyurethane (PUL), nylon straps 


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Customer Reviews

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Kayla DW
Love it😊

I have found using a castor oil pack to be really nice! I thought maybe it would be uncomfortable or make me feel yucky, but it has not; it actually noticeably improves BMs/liver "detox", and sleep, and even anxiety. Wearing the pack feels like a hug, which is very calming. After using mine for a month or so, I bought them for my husband and kids. My daughter seems to really like hers too. My son is kind of between the kids and adult size, so working on that, because he wants to wear his. I recommend giving it a try...I wish I hadn't waited so long to get mine. It is a very gentle, non invasive way to support your body holistically.

Love it!

Absolutely love my castor oil pack. Never expected to sleep so good while using it!! I’m
Smaller framed so I purchased the kids size & it’s perfect. Now I want to purchase for my kids & husband!

Melissa Ketchen
Shorter ties.

I ordered my second kids size castor oil pack, and noticed that the ties are about half the length of my previous kids' size one. I prefer the longer ties as I can wrap them around my daughter's waist and have the knot on the actual pack not the other side of her waist. Other than that, I am pleased to have found a pack that is NOT messy (though after two months the oil leeches on to her clothes - which means I have to buy another one). It is discrete, so she can easily wear it under her shirt and freely move around. This factor makes us use castor oil packs much more regularly. I have not noticed any health changes yet.

Ashley Hunter
Great nightly routine

I love this. Really easy to add to my sleeping, especially as I use a hot pack almost every night. I will continue to use even with my own flannel pieces after the two months… that’s the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. It is pricey to have to replace every couple months. It would be great and eco conscious if they could design it with an insert replacement.

Lots to love but smaller than expected

I recently bought the adult version and love it. If anything it’s almost too wide for me and slightly bunches. Someone else also mentioned it being nice if there was a size in between. I bought the child size for my 7 year old and it seems like there’s more strap than material, which might not be as comfortable, but she is able to keep it on all night, which is great! I could see it being better fit for a smaller child. She did wet the bed one night, soaking the pad, and we got it to wash well per instructions.
I think my only other complaint is how often it’s recommended to dispose of and how expensive it is. I wish it was more encouraged to use longer or wash if it truly is okay to do so. It’s a lot of waist every couple months that would add up… or if the fleece part was changeable while keeping the PUL and straps.