Organic Cosmetic Castor Oil™ 100ml

$15.97 USD

Intended for skin, hair, and nails, our cosmetic castor oil is 100% pure, organic, cold-pressed, hexane-free, and bottled in amber glass.

Organic Cosmetic Castor Oil is renowned for its amazing beauty-enhancing benefits. Mediterranean Goddesses and Egyptian Queens used it for long lashes, beautiful brows, and radiant, glowing skin.


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Christy McCulloch
Wonderful addition to my health routine

Need more of this in my life, will be buying more.

Great product!

Perfect size for traveling, so I never have to be without castor oil. Love the quality

I am happily surprised

My nutritionist asked me to try this for a very weird problem (salivary stone that can’t be surgically removed) and had heard of the work of Dr. Marisol. We went on a deep protocol of supplements and he thought this might help because the stone had resulted from a barium treatment for my thyroid. Since I was (am) a singer and the stone basically stopped my career, I was willing to try it. Meanwhile I ALSO started using it on my eyelashes and brows, and am bemused and joyful that they have become healthier and fuller, and my “stone” has shrunk. (!) It’s hard to say whether it was the supplements, my charge-up in eating nutritionally as well, but I see great results. I’m a believer, and I feel like Dr. Marisol is a “good” doctor as her results with the other treatments are well described by those that have tried them. Help comes in all forms and I’m just happy I found her through my nutritionist’s research. Thanks!

Betsy Opyt
Quality Product

I must say I was impressed with the quality of this product. This was my first time ordering and I was impressed with the product. I will order from this company again.

kelley arnold
very good