Grateful Dung™ Bracelet

$20.97 USD

“...I wear it daily and when I look down I say something I am grateful for. It is so easy, so personal and has made such a positive impact in my every day. I was skeptical of a gratitude practice, but now I am a believer.” – Anita D, Queen of the Thrones™ fan.

Empower yourself & your journey with a simple, daily gratitude practice. This beautiful bracelet is made of Tiger’s Eye stone & a swarovski dung beetle bead made of Black Obsidian. Wear it proudly around your wrist to remind yourself to follow the easy yet transformational mindfulness meditation included that supports better digestive flow & a happier life.

The sacred scarab, or dung beetle, is a symbol of rebirth in Egyptian culture. Allow gratitude to transform you on your health journey!

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Grateful Dung bracelet

It is good quality and acts as a good reminder to eat well to help your digestion

Shirley Revelle
Thankful for Grateful Dung Bracelet

I really like the pretty bracelet with the tigers eye stones. But I love what it stands for, to remind me to be thankful. Life gets in the way and can be sad. When I see my bracelet, I remember to stop and thank God for the happy things He's given me. And I'm grateful for you, Dr. Marisol.

Jenny Wiederhold
Very nice

I am willing to try many things, especially from reputable ND as Dr. Marisol. It makes me stop, touch the beads and refocus on many good points she shares in her program.

This bracelet is too small

I like the natural stone beads but the bracelet is too small and hurts my wrist. I suggest the bracelet come in a couple of sizes or use a stretchier inner band.

M Santurri
Very pretty

Very pretty. It is a stretchy material and fit me - I’m med built wrist. I imagine it wouldn’t fit some people. The concept of it is beautiful.