Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack
Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack
Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack
Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack
Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack
Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack

Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack

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Pelvic Castor Oil Packs are a natural anti-inflammatory pain reliever that support the pelvic area and female reproductive organs from period problems, postpartum and the transition through menopause.

  • Improve lymphatic flow, circulation and cleansing of the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes
  • Support for fertility, fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis scars or adhesions
  • Safely combined with TTC fertility programs or bio-identical and other hormone replacement therapies

Contraindicated in pregnancy.

The Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack is best combined Organic Castor Oil (sold separately)

*Please see FAQ’s for unique protocols for TTC, fertility, postpartum and menopause.

What will it do for me?

The Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack is natural anti-inflammatory and has traditionally been used to support:

  • Pain relief, lymphatic drainage and enhanced circulation

  • Blocked fallopian tubes and uterus cleansing

  • Reducing painful periods, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, endometriosis as well as postpartum scars & stretch marks

  • Stress & menstrual back pain, hip pain, sciatica, and/or post hip replacement surgery pain relief

  • Emotional tensions or adhesions known to cause restrictions and reduce blood flow in the lower body region (*combine with Castor Oil Fascia Massage Roller for best results)

How do I use it?

Your Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack is an easy nightly practice that calms inflammation, supports lymphatic drainage, blood circulation and provides nourishment to your pelvic area.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Apply 1 tbsp of Organic Castor Oil (sold separately) on the soft cotton side of your Queen of the Thrones® Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack.

Step 2: Place your pack over your pelvis, abdomen, or lower back, and comfortably tie in place.

Wear for 1 hour or ideally . That’s all there is to it!

What does it feel like?

Your Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack feels like a soft, warm hug, comfortably wrapping around your pelvic region with a gentle compression.

Designed with soft, stretchy straps and your comfort in mind, the Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack will naturally ease you into a relaxed state and is super comfortable to sleep in, like a second skin.

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What’s in my kit?

The Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack is made with:

  • 90% organic cotton Flannel - Hypoallergenic soft material gently shifts body into a relaxed state needed for liver detox & hormone balance.

  • 5% polyurethane (PUL) - Less-mess layer that naturally holds in body heat.

  • 5% nylon - Four soft, stretchy, adjustable straps that are comfortable to sleep & move in.

Free of chemicals, flame retardants, dyes, & bleach.
Always combine with 100% Pure, Certified Organic, Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed, Hexane-Free Castor Oil in a glass bottle.

Please see FAQ’s for unique protocols for TTC, fertility, postpartum and menopause.

Will it fit me?

The Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack is made to fit over your pelvic region to cover your ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes and hips. It can also be worn over your abdominal area or over your lower back.

It fits most bodies with its long, soft straps that hug your curves so comfortably you can sleep in it.

NOTE: Do not rotate using your Castor Oil Pack for Liver over your pelvic area. It is unknown whether or not toxins from the liver are passed into the compress, and the ovaries are very sensitive to hormone-disrupting chemicals.


What does a Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack support?

Traditionally, wellness practitioners recommend Castor Oil Packs worn over the pelvic area as part of a protocol to help with a variety of conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Period regulation
  • Fertility and TTC (trying to conceive)
  • Postpartum pain & recovery
  • Perimenopeause and menopause
  • Uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts
  • Endometriosis
  • Period back/pelvic pain, sciatica pain
  • Hormone imbalances (PCOS, estrogen dominance, etc.) when combined with Castor Oil Pack for Liver Detox

Unique protocols to follow for TTC, Fertility, postpartum and menopause.👇

Can I just drink Castor Oil or take a pill?

If you take Castor Oil orally, it’s a stimulant laxative. This is often done for constipation relief prescribed by pharmacists. However, a study done in an old age home compared Castor Oil Packs to conventional laxatives and found they were just as effective, but without the harsh urgency to run to the bathroom!

The Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack naturally nourishes the pelvic area and support hormone balance.

Can I wear my Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack over my liver too?

Don’t use the same pack over different areas of the body. Do not rotate using your Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack over your liver (or vice versa).

It is unknown whether or not toxins from the liver may be passed into the pack, and the ovaries are very sensitive to hormone-disrupting chemicals.

How does it break down fibroids and ovarian cysts?

Many clinicians have successfully reduced the size of ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, and in some cases they even disappear, although we are making no claim as there is no scientific research to support these effects.

The hypothesized mechanism of action is due to the anti-inflammatory properties of Castor Oil, as well as improving circulation and nourishment to the uterus and ovaries, supporting a healthy environment.

Ideally combine with the Castor Oil Pack for Liver Detox from day 1 of your menstrual cycle to ovulation (approximately day 15) to support hormone balance between estrogen and progesterone, which is a root cause for fibroid and cyst growth. Then switch to the Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack from day 16 to menstruation to support nourishment, cleansing, and reduction of inflammation for the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Additionally, the Castor Oil Pack for Thyroid worn for 1 hour per day may help to support metabolic and hormone balance, and using the Castor Oil Fascial Massage Roller over the pelvic area may help support the break down fibrous fascia tissue.

How does it help me get pregnant?

Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack are thought to cleanse the uterus, support good flow in the fallopian tubes, and nourish the uterine lining because of their natural anti-inflammatory actions used locally. Many natural practitioners, health coaches and wellness influencers find it is a major aid when it comes to fertility and trying to concieve/get pregnant.

Please note: Always consult with your practitioner and do as they recommend, this is for educational purposes only.

How to use it postpartum?

The Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack can be used to support nourishment of your womb, help set your organs back in place and support good circulation and lymphatic drainage. After 9 months of carrying life, this area of your body becomes very depleted!

How can it help in menopause?

As you transition into menopause, your hormones can go totally out of whack, kind of like puberty. As your ovarian function naturally declines, so do your hormones like estrogen and progesterone that used to keep you somewhat balanced.

If you didn’t have period symptoms before like tender breasts, mood swings, acne, heavy periods, cramping, or digestive pain, for some it can start to become problematic.

If you deal with anxiety, sleep problems, or pre-existing thyroid problems, all tend to get more complicated as your hormones shift. On top of it, you may now have been diagnosed with a uterine fibroid.

Here’s where Castor Oil Packs come in.

They help you to naturally balance your hormones, and additionally they support how you sleep, poop, detox, and cleanse. Traditionally they’ve been used to support the reduction of fibroids over time.

It’s a simple protocol of using both the Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack and the Castor Oil Pack for Liver.

From the start of your period to ovulation, begin with the Castor Oil Pack for Liver, then switch to the Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack over the uterus and ovaries from ovulation to the start of your period. If you no longer have your period, begin this cycle with the Pack for Liver on the Full Moon, switching to the Pelvic Pack on the New Moon.

Consider combining it with:

Upgrade to the Hormone Balance & Detox Kit and save 15%!

How can it help my endometriosis?

Wearing a Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack supports inflammation and pain reduction, and may help reduce surgical scars and adhesions from endometriosis when worn over the pelvic area and abdomen.

Used to help hormone balance, It’s optimally combined with the Castor Oil Pack for Liver, which is worn from bleed to ovulation, and helps to support the body's optimal liver detox time in your cycle.

The Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack is worn from ovulation to bleed, which nourishes and supports circulation and lymphatic drainage of the ovaries and uterus, helping to normalize hormones. Supportive in endometriosis progression.

Is it safe for me to wear during my period?

Castor Oil Packs are safe to use during your period.

There is a myth floating around that wearing a pack during your period is dangerous because you may bleed too much, but simply isn’t the case. Castor Oil Packs support smooth muscle contraction, which helps to enhance the natural elimination of the lining of the uterus that needs to be eliminated.

Some practitioners note that their patients’ periods are shorter and easier when wearing Castor OIl Packs.

Please note: If it is your first time EVER doing a Castor Oil Pack, wait until the end of your period to begin so your body can ease into it. After doing it a few times there is no problem wearing it during your period.

Is it safe to use a Castor Oil Pack postpartum or during breastfeeding? Or do you detox into your breast milk?

While beastfeeding, its best to wear the Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack over the pelvic region to help with resetting of the organs, tissues and skin, and to support hormonal balance. It’s not the time to wear a pack over the liver for detox and cleansing.

Once breastfeeding is done, you can resume your normal practice with the Castor Oil Pack for Liver Detox, as advised by your practitioner.

Can I use it if I have an IUD?

Yes. There is a myth that Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack can’t be used with an IUD. The Castor Oil Pack is a gentle regulator of body functions, it supports the natural intelligence of the body and has no contraindications (except for pregnancy).

Customer Reviews

Based on 169 reviews
Jennifer HOLTON
Castor Oil liver pack

I've just used the Liver pack the last 5 nights in a row. And this morning I woke up 30 minutes late than usual, thinking that it was 2:30 am (a common time to find myself awake and unable to easily fall asleep again). And I realized that I had not awakened during the night, except to perhaps change positions. How refreshing. Thank you, Queen of Thrones, and Castor Oil!

Anna Hobika

Love it!

Claudia Fermano

These Castro oil packs are comfortable and easy to wear. I do wish each pack would come with two wraps as it is a bit pricey.

Sherri Staples
This pack has already helped!

I’ve been using the pelvic pack for about two weeks now and the on and off pelvic pain I was having (which I attributed to endometriosis) is gone and I am having regular bowel movements. Going to keep using it and I just bought the liver pack. Very grateful for these products.

Kristin Marple
Castor oil

This company did amazing at getting my broken bottle of castor oil replaced and got it to me extremely quick!


Do you ship to Australia, UK, New Zealand or other countries?

We currently only ship to the US and Canada but are quickly working to make international shipping happen sooner rather than later!

You can still place orders outside of North America, some of our customers use a shipping service called MYUS.com that will forward their order from the US to their country for a small fee.

How will it ship if I place my order today?

In the U.S. we ship with UPS or USPS, and in Canada we ship with Canada Post.

Usually orders arrive within 5 business days of ordering, however with high volumes of postage right now due to the global health situation, it may take longer.

How I can get FREE Shipping?

Shipping on orders over $99 are always FREE! We offer our products in convenient bundles and kits that allow for volume discounts, the more you buy, the more you save! Save 10% when you buy 2 of any kit or pack, and 15% on 3 or more.

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