Castor Oil Dream Hair Kit

$59.97 USD

Castor oil is touted as the BEST oil to enrich & stimulate hair growth since the Ancient Egyptian era, & it’s 100% natural & organic! An excellent treatment for thinning, balding, dry & damaged hair, this weekly castor oil hair mask helps to naturally stimulate hair growth, reduce dandruff & repair split ends.

  1. Hair Wrapdesigned to lock in moisture, minimize breakage & keep oil off of your clothing with a non-toxic, solvent-free PUL layer (same material engineering as the Queen of the Thrones™ Castor Oil Pack).
  2. Hair Combevenly distributes oil across the scalp & stimulates hair growth. Made from high quality stainless steel.
  3. Organic Castor Oil | 100% pure, certified organic, cold-pressed, hexane free, extra-virgin and in a 3.4 fl oz GLASS bottle.

Good for all hair types.

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Customer Reviews

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Easy to use

So far, I have used to it every night for a week - easy to use so I don't hesitate to put it on. I like that it's all organic and good quality.

Diane L
Great customer service!

I love these products! I have the liver pack and recently ordered the thyroid and hair packs. When my order arrived I received the thyroid pack and a dry brush. I messaged Queen of Thrones and they corrected the problem right away with no hassle. Very impressive!

Ellie Lauretti
The castor oil hair pack

Absolutely amazing thank you

Megan Wallace
Castor Oil Dream Hair

I have used the Castor Oil Dream Hair kit twice so far. I use the pick and stimulate my scalp in between treatments. All good things take time, my hair feels better then it did prior.

Melissa Otis
Sleeping soundly and GI improved in just a week

Using the Castor Oil pack for a week now and my stomach issues have started to improve. Using it overnight and sleeping more soundly than I have in years! Only used the hair wrap once so far so I can’t say too much yet other than my hair felt soft after blow drying it.