Hormone Balance & Detox Kit
Hormone Balance & Detox Kit
Hormone Balance & Detox Kit

Hormone Balance & Detox Kit

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This is your opportunity to discover a NEW way of using your 'moon cycle' and Castor Oil Packs so that you can help support your hormone balance and Body Clock naturally. 
It's the easy way to engage colon cleansing, lymphatic drainage and liver detox so that you can support hormone balance. 

Your kit includes:
  • Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Liver
  • Original Organic Pelvic Castor Oil Pack 
  • Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Thyroid 
  • Organic Castor Oil 16.9oz  
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Customer Reviews

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Ginger G
Bigger BM’s

So far, I believe in this process and these products.
I ordered the pack that has all three sizes and the oil. I have no regrets.
My BM’s have not been more frequent, but I’ve noticed a significant change in size which in turn makes me more comfortable throughout my days. I never want to feel blocked up again so I imagine this new routine will be become a permanent thing.

Unbelievable how easy this is!

It’s the best way to use castor oil. I have done this for years and stopped because of the mess and the quality. Thank you for developing a great product!

Cynthia Thompson

So glad I found this product.

increases my chances of using castor oil packs

This is quite an upgrade from my old way of doing castor packs. Therefore I do them more often! I’ve been using the packs all night for 6/7 nights for 2 weeks. I did notice great sleep the first night But I haven’t noticed huge effects physically since then. I plan to continue as I know it can be subtle.

Susan Rand
Easy breezy

I am really enjoying how easy it is to do a castor oil pack! So much better than plastic wrap, and much healthier than having plastic next to skin! Great idea! Love the wraps! Thank you Dr Marisol!