Hormone Balance & Detox Kit
Hormone Balance & Detox Kit
Hormone Balance & Detox Kit
Hormone Balance & Detox Kit

Hormone Balance & Detox Kit

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This is your opportunity to discover a NEW way of using your 'moon cycle' and Castor Oil Packs so that you can help support your hormone balance and Body Clock naturally. 
It's the easy way to engage colon cleansing, lymphatic drainage and liver detox so that you can support hormone balance. 

Your kit includes:
  • Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Liver
  • Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Fertility 
  • Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Thyroid 
  • Organic Castor Oil 16.9oz  
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Customer Reviews

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Tina Plantenga

I have Hashimotos and my practitioner suggested the liver pack. I am feeling more balanced and more energetic. Also using the castor oil around my hairline and brows. Brows are getting fuller. My skin looks fresher and I believe I am seeing good results so far

Lauren M
Best packs out there

My favorite packs!

Rebecca Davis
Even better than expected

I love that these are less free and easy to use. I’ve procrastinated adding castor oil packs to my hormone balancing regime because of the mess. These have changed my life. I’m sleeping better and feeling better. I can’t help but share with my friends!

Cindi M.
So EASY to use!!!!

I have been using the liver pack every night since it arrived two weeks ago. It is so EASY to use! No more messy packs that don't stay put. This pack stays right where it is supposed to! AND It doesn't leak! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT! After 7-10 days of use, the oil was collecting in the seams of the pack, so washed it according to the recommendations. I soaked it for a few hours in hot water with baking soda and a very mild dish soap, rinsed it out, rolled it in an old towel, then air dried it. The pack was good to use again that night. It was that simple. I have been amazed at how convenient this castor oil pack has been to use. I highly recommend Queen of the Thrones products!

Good product - horrible logo.

The products are good so far - I’ve only used them a few nights. However I was mortified to see the logo on the box when it can and thankful I didn’t have to see the delivery person who dropped it off. Please consider changing that because I’m not sure I can order again unless you have plain boxes as well!