Personal Brand Trademark Checklist for Functional Doctors and Wellness Practitioners

Important steps you’ll wish you knew sooner before going through the trademark process

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What’s it all about?

You see, navigating the registration process of your health and wellness business can be challenging, agreed?

You might be wondering if you should use your trademark right away once it’s first submitted and before the whole process is complete, right? Is it worth the risk of being come after by big companies with deep pockets when you’re already making money?

Or maybe you’re wondering if it’s worth the 2 year wait (the average time it takes for the entire process)? Can you relate?

If so, this trademark checklist can support you with the decision points, and essential tips that can help you save money and time…Sounds good, right?

Here’s a sneak peek into what’s included:

  • The proper steps for using your trademark
  • Why you should consider waiting or using your brand during the registration process
  • How to search if your chosen name is available or taken

Would you love that?


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Disclaimer:This is not legal advice or business advice, please always consult with a professional before making any business decisions.