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Hair Growth Miracle!
“I was super skeptical that castor oil would help solve my hair problems. At age 31 my hair was getting thinner and I was losing clumps of it in the shower. I decided to take a chance and try this product... WOW! I am loving it! The castor oil is really helping improve my hair texture and it’s not falling out nearly as much. It looks & feels way healthier.” -Jenn P.


Get The Easy, All-Natural, At-Home Solution for Hair Growth, Itchy Scalp & Grey Hairs

  • Do you cringe every time you take a shower and clumps of hair come out into your hands then disappear down the drain?
  • Are you afraid to pull out your grey hairs, in case 7 more grow back in their place?
  • Is your scalp always itchy; with dry skin flaking like a Winter Wonderland onto your shoulders?
  • Do you feel like you’re living in a vicious cycle of bad hair days, always needing to style your hair because it’s so dry, only causing it to get even more dry?
  • Answered YES to any of these questions? You’re in the right place!

Your Hair Is An Extension of Your Spirit

Do you remember the story of Samson in the Bible? When he lost his hair, he lost all of his power. Historically, locks of hair were given to lovers as a token of affection, or passed down as a family heirloom. Hair is a significant part of our humanity, which is why problems with our hair can deeply disrupt our wellbeing.



Imagine brushing your hair and unexpectedly looking down at your hair brush, seeing huge clumps of hair coming out. Has this ever happened to you?

Hormonal hair loss is often accompanied by other symptoms... anxiety, constipation/diarrhea, trouble sleeping, weight gain, dry itchy skin, extreme fatigue, and the cherry on top, you’re also losing the ends of your eyebrows... NOT a good look, right? Does this sound like you, too?


These are the words that many women hear from their doctor when they are diagnosed with hormonal imbalance, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), estrogen dominance, thyroid problems and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Is this you? If it is, you are in the right place.

“Excited to see results! “I have thyroid issues so my hair is thinning. I just started using this [castor oil hair] kit so I’m hopeful that it will help”.” -Kamie C.


From Pageant-Ready to Preoccupied With Horrible Hair

Remember when you were a kid and you never had to worry about coloring, styling or LOSING your hair? It can feel like you’re losing your youth and beauty with each hair that comes out of your head, right?
You’ve tried dozens of hair growth supplements, expensive shampoos and chemical salon treatments, but literally nothing helps... Agreed? But it’s okay, because what you might not realize, is that it isn’t just a hair problem, it’s a HORMONE problem. Make sense?

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According to historical Egyptian and Mediterranean usage, castor oil nourishes, strengthens, and grows beautiful hair. It was rumored that castor oil was the beauty secret of the legendary Queen Cleopatra, so naturally, we had to give it a try.


Remember the Hot Oil Hair Treatment Craze of the 90s?

You could buy packets that had to be heated on the stove, then applied to your hair (careful not to burn yourself!!!).

Your new system is to combine castor oil with a hair wrap made of organic materials (included in the Dream Hair Kit) that naturally heats the oil , turning it into an easy at-home hot oil treatment.

Your friends will soon be commenting on how healthy and shiny your hair looks. Many customers report their hair feeling thicker and stronger, and growing longer than it had ever been before!

Best Hair Results Ever “I have been using the hair wrap for about 2 weeks now. I have thick, brown hair and my goal is to grow it out. My hair is SO soft, its growing faster... I use it on my roots and ends of my hair, and I have seen my split ends fade away. I also have dye damage and I haven’t noticed any discolouration in my toning. If you struggle with hair issues like me I strongly recommend using [castor oil] because it’s AWESOME!” -Lauren R.

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Now I know What You’re Thinking... “How could castor oil work for hair growth?! Is this right? Is there any science behind it?”

Castor oil is full of hormone-balancing, hair-loving nutrients like vitamin E, omegas, polyphenols and amino acids. It increases blood circulation to the hair follicle and also reduces inflammation, nourishes, and moisturizes and balances the bacteria on our scalp, which helps reduce itchiness and dandruff.

Applying the oil with a stainless steel comb stimulates circulation to the hair follicles, and the hair wrap naturally heats the oil, driving nourishment straight to the root to promote growth, natural thickness, shine and texture (scientific references are in your free eGuide!).

You might also be thinking, “Oil is just going to make my hair worse!”

With castor oil, less is more! You only need to comb a small amount through the roots (and you can apply it to split ends too). You simply leave the hair wrap on for an hour then rinse with shampoo as normal.

Now I want to let you in on 3 secrets on why this hair mask works.


Hormone Harmony

Have you ever said, “My thyroid is messing up my hair!” or “It’s just my hormones!”? As women, we’ve simply got more hormones at play in the beautiful orchestra of our bodies. When our body goes through transitions like postpartum or menopause, our ‘hormone soup’ naturally gets thicker, and hair is often one of the first places we notice changes!

Castor oil contains hormone-balancing nutrients that help us reclaim beautiful hair. It’s also amazing to help with lateral thinning of the eyebrows, and natural eyelash growth!

It works even better if you combine it with a Castor Oil Liver Pack like I did. Because the pack helps you absorb nutrients in your food and supplements, so anything you are taking works better! Isn’t that awesome?


Get Away Greys!

Greying hair is a beautiful, natural sign of aging, but many of us would like to delay this process as long as possible. The stainless steel comb in the Dream Hair Kit stimulates blood circulation to the hair follicles to nourish and grow hair, and castor oil is packed with graceful-aging nutrients like antioxidants and nitric oxide, which also stimulates circulation to the roots (kind of like a natural Viagra for your hair!)

Again, it works best with the Castor Oil Liver Pack, because it supports your adrenal glands which is a measure of your resilience to aging, liver detox and so much more.


Help for Your Scalp

Dandruff falling like snow on your shoulders along with an itchy scalp is NO BUENO! Oftentimes dandruff is caused by an overgrowth of yeast or Candida, which makes the scalp dry and itchy. Castor oil has natural anti-fungal and anti-yeast properties, plus it’s extremely nourishing and moisturizing for the skin which is an added bonus of this weekly hair mask.

Again, the Castor Oil Liver Pack works great in conjunction because it helps balance the microbiome from the inside out!!

“I love the Castor oil for my hair. First time using it and it really made a difference. I have long hair and it helped with manageability and softness. Plan to continue to add to my routine.” -Verified Customer (Anonymous)


This once a week, heat-less, less-mess, Organic Castor Oil Dream Hair Kit is a natural ritual for:

  • Hair loss
  • Greying hair
  • Itchy scalp
  • Dry, damaged & breaking hair
  • Split ends

Reclaim the beautiful hair of your youth ! I’m giving away a free eGuide to show you how to do this weekly castor oil hair mask with a bonus essential oil recipe for hair growth.

Yep. It’s totally FREE. I simply want to share the gratitude I have for this miracle oil that changed my life, the lives of thousands of my patients, and the lives of millions of women throughout the centuries. You just need to choose to say YES to it.

Make your choice now for the hair of your dreams.

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Disclaimer: Before making any purchase, please check in with your gut, your higher self and your doctor before starting any new health practice. This is not medical advice. This is for educational purposes only.