Map Out Food Sensitivities

Map Out Food Sensitivities

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"I realized my skin itching was due to food sensitivities. I have removed those foods and started the Castor Oil Pack and the itching stopped and my bloating was reduced by half. I am sleeping much better and my digestive system is staring to heal."
-Jodie F.

Discover natural techniques and tools that you can use to reveal unique food sensitivities at home. 

You will learn to connect to your beautiful body temple and find out what’s best for YOU.

Your online course includes:

✓ 28 bite-sized video lessons with supporting ebooks, downloads, and sharable mindset quotes
✓ Accountability emails to help keep you on track 
✓ Instructions for 5 at-home techniques to connect to your body and find your food sensitivities
✓ Options for self-care tools like the Castor Oil Pack so you can feel better quickly 
Access to a private community of wellness lovers on the same journey as you

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