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jamie urquhart
Incredible book and overall brand !

Love the whole brand and info overall. LOVE the book and my castor pack. Sleeping deeply and way less bloated. Also - who knew bread and cheese created glue in your guts!? :( I’m feeling empowered. Thank you!

Jay Passer
Perfect reference guide for improved gut health

Very informative and easy to digest (no pun intended), Dr. Marisol shares her own experiences and provides simple quizzes and exercises that can be performed at home to better evaluate and improve your gut issues

Book about Poo - What's Not to Love?

Thankful for everything I can get my hands on that talks about poo - no puns there. I have an inherited weak GI system and continuing to learn how to care for it is my lifelong pursuit. Thanks for some new info and some old info confirmed even more.

Pam with Body Connection
Oh Sh*t Book and castor pack kit

Very good information in your book and the products are top notch!! I will be ordering 2 more large kits. Not so much of a fan of the thyroid covers so I will be reaching out to see if I can return those and exchange them for the original kits.
hank you so much

rhonda a
You need to give a Sh*t!

Dr. Marisol gives great advice in an incredibly entertaining and engaging way. This book is easily digestible (ha!) and easy to understand by all. Highly recommended!