Eau de Throne® Organic Essential Oil Spray
Eau de Throne® Organic Essential Oil Spray
Eau de Throne® Organic Essential Oil Spray
Queen of The Thrones Eau de Throne™ with essential oils
Eau de Throne® Organic Essential Oil Spray

Eau de Throne® Organic Essential Oil Spray

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“I originally bought this for my bathroom as I wanted a chemical-free fragrance to use after #2, but the smell is so calming and wonderful that I started keeping them in almost every room in my house...” – Amanda H, Queen of the Thrones® fan

Whether you deal with embarrassing bathroom odors, or you just want a natural alternative to home fragrance… Eau de Throne® – the Everything You Do Parfum – is the perfect blend of organic essential oils to delight your nose & calm your system.

It easily & naturally neutralizes unpleasant smells & the lavender, clove, rosemary, & limonene provide antibacterial protection. No more unwanted smells in your home, use in the bathroom or any other room, spritz into shoes or your gym bag, even put a couple drops in your diffuser.

Poop, Peek, Perfume! Let the royal scent fill the room!

    • Organic lavender essential oil 
    • Organic rosemary essential oil 
    • Organic clove essential oil
    • d-Limonene 
    • Sodium lauroyl lactylate 
    • Polyethyleneglycol

    Don't take our word for it


    Love every product available!

    The Castor oil quality is top notch and love that it’s packaged in glass bottles!




    very good


    kelley arnold



    Wonderful addition to my health routine

    Need more of this in my life, will be buying more.

    Christy McCulloch



    Quality Product

    I must say I was impressed with the quality of this product. This was my first time ordering and I was impressed with the product. I will order from this company again.

    Betsy Opyt



    Great product!

    Perfect size for traveling, so I never have to be without castor oil. Love the quality




    Castor oil pack

    This kit makes it so much easier to do. So much less messy

    Justine Hillis



    Brows on Fleek!

    Not only have I seen nice growth in my brows, this liquid gold is fabulous as a brow tamer. Just a drop on the brows with a brush through keep me tamed all day! This has enhanced the wow factor of my brows and nicely frames my eyes which are even more impactful given daily mask wear! Love it!

    Brows for days


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    Christina Jones
    Castor oil liver pack

    This is so easy to use and there is no smell. This is a great kit, especially for beginners. I love that I am feeling better after using it.

    Yasmine Abuzahrieh
    First time trying Castor Oil Packs!!

    I purchased this product once for my constipation and it worked for me. I purchased one for my sister and mom because they have the sam issue that I do and it worked for them!! Amazing product highly recommend!! Can't wait to try the other products!

    jennifer holley

    This castor oil packs is amazing so easy to use and so far it seems to really be helping, and I like wearing it at night

    gina carden

    Use it on my eyelashes already see a difference

    Janice Hansen
    Castor Oil Pack

    Your castor oil pack is so much easier and less messy than using a piece of flannel and covering yourself with plastic wrap. What a great idea!! If I could change one thing on the pack for the larger ones that would be to space the ties farther apart so the top doesn't fold over. I love watching you on your website. I have learned a lot of valuable information. Thank you so much!