Eau de Throne® Organic Essential Oil Spray
Eau de Throne® Organic Essential Oil Spray
Eau de Throne® Organic Essential Oil Spray
Queen of The Thrones Eau de Throne™ with essential oils
Eau de Throne® Organic Essential Oil Spray

Eau de Throne® Organic Essential Oil Spray

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“I originally bought this for my bathroom as I wanted a chemical free fragrance to use after #2, but the smell is so calming and wonderful that I started keeping them in almost every room in my house...” – Amanda H, Queen of the Thrones™ fan

Whether you deal with embarrassing bathroom odors, or you just want a natural alternative to home fragrance… Eau de Throne® – the Everything You Do Parfum – is the perfect blend of organic essential oils to delight your nose & calm your system.

It easily & naturally neutralizes unpleasant smells & the lavender, clove, rosemary, & limonene provide antibacterial protection. No more unwanted smells in your home, use in the bathroom or any other room, spritz into shoes or your gym bag, even put a couple drops in your diffuser.

Poop, Peek, Perfume! Let the royal scent fill the room!

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Kid Castor oil Pack, love it!!

I’m petite so I got the kid pack to save some dough! (enough things to spend money on haha) It’s worked great and since I got a couple of weeks ago, I’ve used most nights over my liver, with a few nights over my lower or upper stomach. Love it, and feel so good knowing it’s one more step healing me!! Thanks Queen of Thrones. Oh, only thing confused me was I got the organic castor oil for like beauty/eyelashes/smaller bottle-but looked again and it shows that in the photo so was the right one I guess. Either way, its top quality castor oil!!!

Brooke B




I use the castor oil packs daily, I sleep better and feel healthier overall. I purchased the kids pack and it works great for my small frame. Also happy with the fact that it organic and comes in a glass bottle.

Nancy Mundt



Easy to use with promising results

Our 13 year old son has never purposely had a bowel movement on the toilet. He has motor delays and balance issues that have made toileting a challenge. The night after we used the oil the first time, he had a successful movement on the toilet. Since that first time he has gone 3 more times. It hasn’t been a big amount but it is definitely the most success we have seen and believe me, we have tried everything! We are so hopeful!




I purchased the castor oil pack for kids bc I am very petite person and while the wrap is much smaller and fits me better, I didn’t expect to also get a smaller castor oil bottle. Because the bottle is smaller I find I am using less to make sure I can make it last longer so it’s hard to tell if I’m seeing the results I need to see. I’ll probably have to buy a larger castor oil bottle separately now. Other than that, I love the results I have seen In the past so just patiently waiting for that!

Valerie Gary




I move around a lot in my sleep, and since I have a very short torso, I've found that the elastic tends to move to my waist causing the pack to roll at the top and bottom. I also like to alternate nights using the pack on my liver and then my abdomen. I tried out the children's size, but it doesn't have enough height to cover my abdomen with the elastic around my waist. The solution for me is the children's pack for my liver and the adult size for my abdomen!

Susan Dellinger



Great for detox

I purchased this kit for myself while I did a functional medicine liver detox. It’s the perfect size for a pack just for the liver. Easy to place and the instructions were simple and to the point. Will definitely be recommending to others in need.





I cannot believe the difference in my bowel movements and menstrual cramps since starting with my love pack. It's honestly life changing. I only wish I knew about this sooner. If you are thinking about trying it, do not hesitate, it's worth it!

Valerie ODonnell



Never going back

It took about two weeks, but I love the way I feel the next morning. If I miss a night, I definitely feel the difference. Less bloating, more regular, deeper sleep. It’s not hype!

Hannah P



Easy to use

Love how easy to use this is.