Castor Oil Hair Growth Kit
Castor Oil Hair Growth Kit
Castor Oil Hair Growth Kit
Castor Oil Hair Growth Kit
Castor Oil Hair Growth Kit

Castor Oil Hair Growth Kit

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Castor Oil is touted as the BEST oil to enrich & stimulate hair growth since the Ancient Egyptian era, & it’s 100% natural & organic! An excellent support for thinning, balding, dry & damaged hair, this weekly Castor Oil hair mask helps to naturally support and nourish hair growth, reduce dandruff & repair split ends.

  1. Hair Wrap designed to lock in moisture, minimize breakage & keep oil off of your clothing with a less-mess PUL layer (same material engineering as the Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Pack).
  2. Hair Brush | evenly distributes oil across the scalp & stimulates hair growth, made from bamboo.
  3. Organic Castor Oil | 100% pure, certified organic, cold-pressed, hexane free, extra-virgin and in a 3.38oz GLASS bottle.

Good for all hair types.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews

I expected it to be at least a bit messy- really easy and stayed clean all night. My son (adult) has long hair- he felt a tiny bit on internal drainage and his extremely dead and dry ends improved a ton after one night. I barely got any castor oil on the first time in a rush to get to bed, but wow did I feel a ton of drainage and tingling (had a lot of head injuries and chem exposure, so I get a lot out of any castor oil)- my hair is a bit less frayed after the second try, and not any noticeable drainage- big fan

Miracle Worker

The Castor Oil Liver Pack is amazing! I wake up feeling much less inflammation. I sleep better and my overall health has improved!

Patricia Vasquez
Castor oil liver pack

They liver works great for moving things around. I can tell when I stop using it. I have mom and sisters using it

A queen's turban

Love the hair wrap. I wear it to bed and wash and shine the next day.

NL Richard
I love their products

I lost my hair to chemotherapy in the summer of 2020. Although I have only had the Castor Oil Hair Growth Kit for a short time, I can see that the spare hair I now have is more hydrated and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this hydration and the detoxifying effect of the castor oil will lead to more follicle regrow the in the future. I have the liver detox kit and the eye mask as well, and have enjoyed using them. Thank you, Dr. Marisol for providing a less messy way to use castor oil for detoxification and better health.