Complete Thyroid Self Care System

$149.97 USD $194.88 USD

All the products you could dream of for your total thyroid ritual to support sleep, stress, hair, beauty, bowel movements and more!


  • Dream Hair Kit (Hair Wrap + Comb + 100ml Cosmetic Oil)
  • Castor Oil Liver Pack Kit (Liver Pack + 500ml Castor Oil) 
  • Beauty Sleep Brow & Lash Kit (Circadian Sleep Eye Mask + Applicator Brush + 100ml Cosmetic Oil)
  • Castor Oil Thyroid Pack Kit (Thyroid Pack + 100ml Cosmetic Oil)

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Customer Reviews

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Rachel Ward
Good idea- not sure if it’s sustainable

Let me start by saying that the customer service is top notch, the shipping is quick and I was surprised to see that ship out of my hometown of LKLD.

But my complaints:
The ties are sewn too closely together.
The heat doesn’t accumulate as well as using a heating pad would.
And they have to be replaced pretty quickly, which makes them extremely expensive.

I’m not sure if I will replace them, or try to hack something else that is more feasible, on my own.

Betty Branson
Complete Thyroid Self Care System

The Liver pack has been very helpful for my colon problems, easy to use.

kelly uusitalo
Loving my nightly thyroid pack routine!

I absolutely love my thyroid and liver packs, they make taking care of myself so effortless and enjoyable.

l r

Results are incredible. Great energy and sleep.

Stephanie Williams
Easy to use, not messy and have seen an improvement in my health.

Have been suffering since the age of 13 from hormonal, thyroid issues. I have been using and I have noticed a difference in my energy. I am not as lethargic and have more energy throughout the day.