Replacement Castor Oil Pack Compress

$45.97 USD

“My naturopath had me start castor oil packs using flannel as the pack. It was such a pain and so messy. This pack has made life so much easier. I do this pack nightly and don't have to fiddle around with flannel and plastic wrap.” – Anita D, Queen of the Thrones® fan.

Say goodbye to messy DIY castor oil packs of the past. This carefully designed, organic cotton sherpa pack was made to be heat-less, less-mess & reusable. When your well-loved compress is ready to be replaced or you just want 2 on hand, look no further… This treatment that was once a pain is now simple, cleaner, & feels like a warm hug! Made with an inner layer of organic cotton sherpa & an outer layer of eco & health-friendly polyurethane.

For only $15 more you can get the Castor Oil Pack Bundle which includes a compress & a 500ml (16.9 oz) bottle of organic castor oil (regularly $29.97)!

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Customer Reviews

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Convenient Compress Pack

The castor oil compress pack is very convenient to use. I love that there is no mess using this pack. The fabric is soft and comfortable and I appreciate the long, elastic straps. The only downside is the price.

Teresa Lopez
Sleeping better

I normally have trouble winding down at bed time. But since wearing my pack I’ve been going to bed with my partner and waking up more refreshed. I’m excited to see more benefits from consistent use further down the road!

Jody McMillan
Love it

I had been using the old method of flannel and saran wrap which is not easy to do. This pack is effortless and fits all sizes.

Tonya Perez
Liver pack

I love my castor oil liver pack. This is a tool I use to regulate bowel movements and to maintain good gut health! Highly recommend!

Really really great updated pack

I have always loved queen of thrones castor oil packs, but these new updated packs are the bomb. The strings are so stretchy, long, and soft. It's so much easier to tie them. She really listens to her customers and is always improving. Also, the pack is thinner, but softer and absorbs so much! I bought 3 packs at once and got a great discount.