BOGO Castor Oil Eye Compress Kits
BOGO Castor Oil Eye Compress Kits
BOGO Castor Oil Eye Compress Kits

BOGO Castor Oil Eye Compress Kits

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For a limited time only, help you and a loved one fall asleep and stay asleep with 2 Castor Oil Eye Compress Kits for the price of 1! 

  • Deep sleep by naturally promoting melatonin 
  • Wake up looking and feeling better by balancing your natural cortisol in the morning
  • Bonus applicator brush for brow & lash growth

Sleepless nights rob you of your youth and energy, if you let them. Applying organic castor oil around your eyes and wearing a cotton-soft Sleep Aid Eye Compress to bed is your new nightly routine for insomnia relief so you can wake up looking and feeling better. 

The combination of castor oil and your light-colored Sleep Aid Eye Compress darkens the room at night, naturally promoting melatonin, then allows sunlight in to wake you up in the morning, balancing your naturally alert hormone, cortisol. 

As a bonus, antioxidant-rich castor oil helps reduce premature signs of aging around the eyes like crow’s feet, dark circles, and hyperpigmentation caused by lack of circulation and lymphatic drainage. Plus it’s well known to grow longer, more luscious lashes and brows.

    Regular price: $85.94 - ONLY $42.97!

    You save 50%! 

    Your BOGO Castor Oil Eye Compress Kit includes:

    • 2 x Queen of the Thrones® Organic Sleep Aid Eye Compress:Inner layer of organic cotton Sherpa, outer layer of non-toxic, solvent-free polyurethane (PUL), nylon straps, hypoallergenic

    • 2 x Queen of the Thrones® Organic Cosmetic Castor Oil 3.38oz (100ml):100% pure, USDA certified organic, hexane-free, cold-pressed, extra virgin, bottled in glass

    • 2x BONUS Applicator Brush:Double-ended castor oil applicator brush for eyelashes & eyebrows

    *Replace your Sleep Aid Eye Compress every 3 months.

    The adjustable strap on your cotton-soft organic Sherpa Sleep Aid Eye Compresses comfortably fits most adults, teens and some youth head sizes.
    The organic castor oil is 3.38oz (100ml), the perfect size for travel.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 140 reviews
    Laura Blumberg

    Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Pack Beauty & Detox Kit

    Tina Ussery
    Happy pants

    I can feel it working, I sleep in it as well as wear it during the at times. Great product

    Amy Evans
    Cleanse-While-You-Sleep Castor Oil Pack Bundle

    Easy, wish I used this a long time ago, works great!

    Castor Oil Sleep Kit is great for moisturizing!

    I have been using the Castor Oil Sleep Kit for about a week now and I love how soft it makes my eye area. I have also been applying it to my eyebrows and eyelashes at night but haven't noticed a difference yet. I know that Castor Oil is very effective for eyebrow and eye lash growth though so I am hopeful! I am happy with my purchase! :-)

    Nita Nankervis
    the logo is just not something I want to look at or have in my house or mail

    love the castor oil but do not like your logo at all I would not order again. will get castor oil elsewhere.
    would you please take me off your e-mail list thank you.