2 Castor Oil Pack Bundles with FREE Copy of Oh, Sh*t!

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2 (TWO) Castor Oil Pack Bundles with a FREE Copy of Oh, Sh*t!

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Beth Nieman
Thumbs UP!

I have only had my castor oil pack for a week; already seeing a difference in the bathroom (ha). LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the book!!! Very informative, easy read and much appreciated advice. I am in the health world and sometimes wellness advice gets blurry - this book is amazing!

Maritza Crespo
Surprised at hour fast it worked

Wore the pack one night and the next day I was pooping like a champ. I need to be more consistent with it see more results.

Katrina Perez
First time user

I did the liver cleanse for a week and didn't get the odd smelly poop as I expected like Magdalena did but I did feel cleaner. I have been using the castor oil on my lashes and how long my lashes look now when I apply mascara. I use it for under my eyes, and the dry spots on my cheeks. I'm loving it!! Next I will try in my hair.

So happy you made this!

I’ve needed the benefits of castor oil packs and I’ve tried them before, but they’re so messy, time-consuming and a pain. You really simplified the process and I am so grateful you did!

Linda R.
Super Easy!

The castor oil pack is so easy to use! I put it on right before I go to bed, wake up and take it off and then
I see the results of the castor oil detox in the toilet a short time later:) I try to use it every other week for 7 days at a time. I have one pair of pj’s with a tight tank top that I dedicate to my castor oil pack regimen.