Wearing your new Grateful Dung™ Bracelet on your wrist serves as an essential tool to cultivating gratitude practices during your 14 day Gratitude Experiment. It’s a daily reminder that makes your gratitude practices super easy! Sound good?

Your bracelet is made with energy-balancing Tigers Eye stones and a Black Obsidian Swarovski crystal dung beetle bead, and it’s HALF PRICE just for you!

Get it now for $10.49 ($20.97) with your FREE Gratitude Experiment course! (+FREE shipping!)

“Beautiful Bracelet Filled With Positive Energy”
A beautiful bracelet filled with positive energy. It makes me happy just to look at it. We have a lot to be grateful for, even when things are not perfect and this is a constant reminder. I also love how every single bead is unique. Loving it!
-Nathalie K.

“Really Does Remind Me to Practice Gratitude”
I love this bracelet because I am a busy person and it really does remind me to practice gratitude before my meals...

“So Easy… Makes Such a Positive Impact In My Everyday”
So much has happened in our world & I truly now know the power of this bracelet. I wear it daily & when I look down I say something I am grateful for. It’s so easy, so personal & has made such a positive impact in my every day. I was skeptical of a gratitude practice, but now I am a believer.
-Anita D.

“Little Investment, Huge Return”
I didn't think that such a small daily practice would actually improve my life so much. I wear this bracelet everyday & it constantly brings me into the present moment every time I see it. Just ordered some more for my family members & it would make such a good gift for anyone.
-Amanda H.

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Dr. Marisol ND.BA, Queen of The Thrones