☆☆☆☆☆ Glowing and relaxed
I have been using my liver pack every night for 2+ months (time to order another one). I have noticed the biggest difference in my sleep. I sleep like a rock every night I use it. And if I forget it, I can totally tell the difference. I’ve also noticed a clearer complexion, with little to no breakouts. The digestive benefits have also been amazing. I highly recommend this to everyone! -Margaret L.

It’s tough to succeed if you’re relying on willpower alone when it comes to any wellness practice, including your Castor Oil Pack, agreed? 

You’re not alone. An estimated 80% of Americans fail within the first two months of setting their goals.1 The odds are against you - but read on to find out how to stack the odds in your favor.

You see, your resolution of getting healthy can be stressful, because it adds to your already long list of to-do’s:

  • Balance your hormones
  • Stress less
  • Have better sex
  • Sleep better
  • Heal your gut
  • Absorb your food and supplements
  • Focus more during meditation
  • Have regular bowel movements

This list is overwhelming, like standing at the bottom of Mount Everest with no equipment or support team to get you to the summit.

Naturally, you feel defeated, deflated, and reminded of your constant failures before you even get started.

This leaves you stuck in the energy of feeling unwell, where it’s mission impossible to reach your goal of feeling better. Agreed?

So this year, when the clock strikes 12 and the ball drops in Times Square…

If you’re serious about wanting to feel better, it’s your time to simplify and systematize.

To stop over complicating your self-care to-do list like most wellness lovers do. Sound good?

Sticking to this 1 small resolution, can create BIG changes in just 1 year.

Your Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Pack is your resolution game changer.


Can't Live Without It!

I’d never heard of this before and was skeptical. I was suffering from mold illness, Lyme disease, inflammation and seemed to be reacting to everything. My sleep quality was so poor. This was my last resort and I decided to give the pack a try. All I can say is WOW! What a game changer. INSTANTLY, I noticed a difference. My sleep was deeper and more restful. I woke up feeling refreshed and over the weeks and months ahead, I could feel my body relaxing and I was able to tolerate other treatments my doctor incorporated.

-Meredith L.

I am a customer for LIFE!

For me, this product has been a major game changer. Years back I had an emergency gallbladder surgery. Since then, I have had major digestive issues and inflammation in my GI track. Fast forward to 2020 thru blood work I was told I had some liver damage. Shortly after I came across Queen of the Thrones. In one use it made an immediate impact on me. I not only sleep through the night so peacefully, the inflammation in my GI track was gone. I continued to use the product over the next 6 months, wearing it ever night or every other night. After 6 months blood work was done again for other reasons but my liver was be looked at. The doctor was in total shock and wanted to know what I did as my liver did a complete 180 in those 6 months. He had never seen such results in such a small amount of time. I truly believe this product is what created my results.

-Kelly P.

Game Changer

I started using the liver castor oil pack about a month ago and the first night I slept harder than I can remember. My bowels that I thought were good are now great. My husband saw the impact on my sleep and asked I order him one. He has a fatty liver and was happy he would try this. He is only on day 4, but sleeping harder. I will use this on my personal life and in my practice.

-Jocelyn M.

So much nicer than what I was using before

This product is a game changer. I was using an old flannel, plastic, and a heating pad. This is so easy to use, easy to store, and no mess. I will continue to buy this caster oil pack for years to come!

-Gillian D.

No Stress

Well, this pack is my new favorite thing. I have tried to be consistent with a DIY castor oil pack and while it was simple and cost efficient to put together, I didn't stick with it because it got messy and I always had to time when I was going to do it. Queen of the Thrones castor oil pack has been a game changer for me! Now I can put it on when I go to bed and that's it. No mess, no stress. I've already noticed improvements in my bowel movements, which is a big win. I am so glad I finally got one!


Game changer

I love my Castor oil pack! I have less bloating! I wake up after wearing my pack all night with a flatter tummy!

-Maryann H.

You know, the oily old pack you wear to bed to help you poop better, sleep better and stress less…

The one that you forget to use more often than not. That might be sitting on the shelf in your bathroom collecting dust… Am I right?

What the triumphant 20% know, and 80% don’t, is that you need a system that helps you support your success so you can work smarter, not harder.

Because you would love to feel better this time next year. Am I right? So…

What would your transformation look like in just 1 year of doing your Castor Oil Pack nightly?

Would you miraculously be totally well, the epitome of health, like an Olympic athlete ready to climb Mount Everest all by yourself with no equipment?

Well, no. We can’t promise that.

But what we can promise, is that with consistent practice it will support you to:

  • Have regular bowel movements and less bloating because you’re balancing inflammation
  • Even out your mood and appetite because you’re sleeping better
  • Revive your energy for family, friends and passions because you’re less stressed
  • Waste less money and time at the doctors office because you’re feeling better
  • Balance your hormones and finally feel good in your body

Because Castor Oil Packs are your all-in-one tool to help support your liver detox, lymphatic drainage, and colon cleansing while you sleep. But you all ready know that, am I right?

So, here’s your new done-for-you system, to help you succeed.

Introducing… the Well Queen Membership

Here’s what it includes:

  • A package delivered to your doorstep with a fresh new Castor Oil Pack… Right when it’s time to replace
  • A community of Castor Oil Pack lovers just like you, cheering you on, troubleshooting together, and sharing the hacks they learn along their self-care journey
  • Regular live training sessions with the wellness practitioners at Queen of the Thrones®
  • Exclusive discounts to share with friends and family to have them join the practice with you
  • Free shipping on any products you add to your scheduled shipments
  • Plus, along with your Castor Oil Pack replacement, you also find a special surprise self-care tool every 2 months to help you elevate your wellness practice even more

It’s seriously that easy to automate your nightly Castor Oil Pack self-care routine, when it’s done for you

So because you’re busy and you don’t have time to plan, arrange, and organize the ‘how-to’, we’ve done all the busy work for you.

How it works:


Your fresh new Castor Oil Pack Kit is delivered to your door bi-monthly with a surprise new self-care tool (6x per year).


Join bi-monthly live group training sessions with a Queen of the Thrones® Medical Advisor to learn best practices with your self-care tools.


Practice your self-care routines in the comfort of your home and share your wins with other wellness lovers on the same journey as you.


Share feedback on Queen of the Thrones® products that haven’t been launched yet, and share exclusive members-only discounts with your friends.

Not happy with your membership for some reason, or want to send your scheduled shipment to someone else instead?

No worries. You can skip, add, or gift your scheduled shipment to a friend at any time during your membership.

Money back guarantee: If you don’t love your membership, you can cancel at any time and get 100% money back (minus the regular retail value of the products you have already recieved).

Well Queen Membership
6 shipments/year

  • 6x Castor Oil Pack for Liver Kits - reg. price: $371.82
  • 6x Surprise Pre-Launch Self-Care Tools - reg. price: $180
  • Live Bi-Monthly Group Training Sessions with a Queen of the Thrones® Medical Advisor - reg. price: $200
  • Free Shipping on All Scheduled Shipments - reg. price: $75
  • + 10% Savings on All Additional Queen of the Thrones® Self-Care Tools
  • + Access to private Facebook group community

Price: $444 $826.84

*save $382.82 when you pay upfront!


$44/month *save $298.84

Still unsure? Here’s what people have to say…


I sleep much better.

I’ve been using the castor oil liver packs for a couple of years now. I was really skeptical about them at first, but I notice a difference in how I feel when I don’t wear it. I’m much more lethargic and bloated feeling when I go without it. The pack also helps keep me regular on a daily basis which has a huge impact on how well I feel. I sleep much better and it helps me wind down at the end of the day. Try them out if you are skeptical like me and I promise you will notice a difference!


Promotes deep, restful sleep & an overall sense of calmI've done the "cheater method" where you put oil on your skin, throw on an old t-shirt and then put a heating pad covered in plastic over that mess. This method is far easier and quicker. I'm amazed at the way Castor Oil Packs work. It is so subtle and gradual. I always think, surely oil on my stomach can't REALLY do anything, but IT DOES! I have been sleeping very deeply and undisturbed since starting these, which is wonderful.

-Emilia O.

Highly recommend to any women that have constipation issuesI got recommended this from my provider to help heal my hormone health after coming off birth control 7 months ago. I was constipated and only pooping once maybe twice a week if I was lucky. I use my castor oil pack approx 5 times a week and every timeI wake up in the morning and go poop within an hour of waking. I love this thing and will be using this forever! Highly recommend to any women that have constipation issues and looking for some help with your drainage pathways.

-Shannon R.

Works wonders on detox, pooping and facial usage

I was skeptical...truly. With one use I was sold. I now use this as part of my weekly routine 2-3 times (sometimes more) a week and on both my liver area and lower tummy. Works wonders on detox, pooping and facial usage. The oil is so versatile and the packs are soft and easy to use. Follow the directions carefully and there will be no spillage issues. 10⭐️

-Kristina H.

Sleep, poop and energy

I personally have noticed better sleep, better bowel movements and more energy. Purchased Liver Packs for my family of 3. It’s perfect and easy to use. I store them in a mason jar in my bedroom and we all apply before bed. I take my daughter’s off before we lay her down for bed.

-Savannah A.

Amazing! I feel so much better!

I’m sleeping better and I am more regular. I’ve had candida overgrowth that was causing all kinds of GI issues. I’ll spare you the details! LOL. After a week of using the Liver castor oil pack every night, my poops are finally solid again! I also sleep WAY better. Deeper, more restful sleep. I feel so much better! Thank you for this product!!


I love how easy it is to detox while I sleep! 

The liver pack is like a warm hug that calms and soothes my belly. I love the massage roller, too! The flexibility of the roller allows relief from sore muscles and is helping break up scar tissue!

I highly recommend this simple practice for anyone that wants to feel better

-Amy L.

Set yourself up for a year of stressless self-care

The Well Queen Membership is designed to help you keep your promise to self-care, while discovering and embracing other easy wellness practices so you can feel your best.

Would you love that?

But hurry, because we’re only opening the Well Queen Membership for a limited time, with limited space!

And since this is the first launch of the Well Queen Membership, you’ll get in at the lowest price, ever!

Only two weeks to sign up, then we’re closing the membership

Frequently Asked Questions

You can simply login to your membership portal and skip your next shipment as long as it’s before it has been shipped out. Your following shipment will resume on your next scheduled ship date. You also have the option to gift your scheduled shipment to a friend by entering their shipping address.

No, there are no exchanges on the surprise self-care tools. This is a teaching program to help you discover new skills and self-care practices. We encourage gifting to friends or family members.

If you want to cancel your membership before your year is up, you will be refunded for your remaining number of shipments (minus the first 2 months and products you’ve already received).

Yes, you’ll receive a reminder a few days before your scheduled shipment in case you want to add items to your cart and take advantage of your free shipping. Oh, and you always get 10% off as member!

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