Lymphatic Drainage

The quiz result indicate that poor lymphatic drainage may be affecting metabolic energy and the sleep cycle (A.K.A. circadian rhythm).

This means that melatonin, the sleep-regulating hormone and powerful antioxidant, may be imbalanced because it plays a major role in healthy lymphatic drainage. It may take a bit more work and commitment to practices to find balance. 

The Day & Night Detox Kit is great for shift workers, nurses, police officers and anyone who has irregular sleep patterns or sleep problems making them feel fatigued or unrested during the day.

Clinical pearl:fall is often the hardest part of the year. Constitutionally it's damp and dark. Challenging for those with leaky gut. Most Important time to be diligent with health practices.

NOTE: These self-care practices may be helpful to trauma survivors. Due to the rigidity of the sympathetic state, Castor Oil Packs support training of the parasympathetic state, they are also excellent to support learning how to meditate. 

GOAL: To downregulate cortisol before bed via oxytocin with your Castor Oil Pack and naturally enhance melatonin production by wearing the light colored eye mask in your Beauty Sleep Brow & Lash Kit. Then to naturally upregulate cortisol on first waking with Dry Brushing to help set your rhythms right.

Day & Night Detox Kit
Day & Night Detox Kit
Day & Night Detox Kit
Day & Night Detox Kit
Day & Night Detox Kit

Day & Night Detox Kit

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Your new Day & Night Detox Kit has the tools you need for a lymphatic cleanse and liver detox to support your hormonal balance this season. 

It’s an easy and gentle supplement-free self-care routine that helps you achieve:

  • Better sleep
  • More regular bowel movements
  • Youthful-looking skin
  • Less bloating 
  • Less stress

So you can FEEL better! 

*This routine is foundational and enhances any other food or supplement-based cleanse or regime you are already doing.

How it works:

  1. Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Liver Kit: Wearing a castor oil pack to bed moves the body into the parasympathetic ‘rest & digest' and encourages circulation to your liver via nitric oxide, enhancing cleansing at the time of day that is best (while you sleep!).

  2. Castor Oil Eye Compress Kit: Wearing an eye mask to bed at night promotes melatonin to naturally support your circadian rhythm and help you get a deep, good night’s sleep. When you sleep better, you cleanse better.

    3. Castor Oil Lymphatic Dry Brush: The gentle friction of a dry brush on your skin in the morning supports lymphatic cleansing to help wake you up! 

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How to do it?


As part of your nightly bedtime routine, apply Castor Oil to your Castor Oil Liver Pack and tie it onto your body, over your liver.

Use the applicator brush in your Castor Oil Eye Compress Kit to apply Castor Oil to your brows and lashes, and dab it into the skin around your eyes. Put on your organic Eye Compress, crawl into your warm bed and drift off to a peaceful, deep sleep.


In the morning, use your Castor Oil Lymphatic Dry Brush and gently roll the brush over your skin with soft pressure in a circular motion towards your heart, beginning at your chest/abdomen and working through all of your limbs.

If you shower in the morning, do it before you get in. Ideally apply a thin layer Castor Oil to your skin before dry brushing for enhanced benefits.

Disclaimer: Always ask your doctor if any new practice is right for you. This is not meant to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose. This is not medical advice, and is for educational purposes only. Results vary. Do not use Castor Oil during pregnancy. Do not use Castor Oil on open wounds.