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Great product but needs more instruction

The product works well but I wish I had known to start slowly instead of jumping in overnight. It came with very little instruction and everything I saw said to wear overnight so I jumped in and was miserably sick. It definitely works but I needed to start slower and detox more gently. I wish it at least suggested a short test run first.

Eyes are brighter and I feel mellower

Wearing the liver pack nightly for two weeks now. Loving how this works as I didn't expect to look better so quickly but I definitely look more refreshed and the whites of my eyes are brighter. My mood is more even and relaxed despite a lot of stress in my life right now. I just wish I didn't have to replace and/or wash which I wasn't aware of before purchase, however it is still very worth the investment. Thank you for making these products available, as I'm sure I would not have tried this healing modality without a pre-made pack.

Not a fan

I used the pack every night as directed and noticed no difference whatsoever. I even felt a little constipated around day 4-5. I was most looking forward to better sleep but that didn't happen either.

It works!

I’m new to using castor oil packs. I started them as part of a protocol. I was having intense headaches and started feeling relief just after once use.


Amazing results from the very first night we started using Dr. Marisol's castor oil packs. We sleep so much better (not waking up at 2:00 or 3:00 am), feeling so relaxed and better digestion. We love them!!

Easy to use

I just started using the Hormone Balance & Detox kit to help with my endometriosis and hypothyroidism and have found this a very easy add to my routine!


The kits are great and we are seeing posit e results!

Love the pack!

On my third pack and love my weekly castor oil day!

Working great!

Was skeptical at first but after a few nights I was feeling better. I also use the pack on my lower back and it has helped tremendously! Highly recommend.

Great start

I love the quality of this castor oil and the pack. Within the first few days I became more regular. I also used the oil to wash my face and it felt wonderful!


I have noticed such a difference in bloating and sleep since starting the castor oil pack for liver. I have been sleeping with it on every night, and after 2 weeks am already looking at buying another bottle of castor oil to have on hand. I love it!

Starting to work so far. The oil is great and love the pack. It feels weird not to be able to wash it tho. The material is fabulous but would like to be able to wash it once or week until full results are seen.

Product usage

Been using Queen of Thrones castor oil for over 3 months now. Use it on my chirossed liver , my eyes for cataracts, thyroid, breast, pancreas, wouldn’t be without product. The liver I do 3 times a week, help with my sleep cycle, usually fall asleep within 10 minutes. Wouldn’t be without this product.

Thank you!!! I love what this is doing for my sleep and the inflammation around my middle. It is ...

I love that I am sleeping more soundly, and when I awaken in the am, my tummy is flat. It is so easy, I will be continuing to use it primarily because I feel better👏

Castor Oil

So happy I found this castor oil. I started using it right away and I love it. I will buy this product again.

So good!

Love Queen of Thrones castor oil. I feel confident in the quality of the product.

8 or 9 days in and here is what I can say....

So far I have not felt any change. I was hoping my digestion would work better, but I have not seen any improvement. It is still early so I will remain open minded and optimistic.

Great product!

Love this product so much !

Exceeded my expectations

I was really shocked by how well this worked. It cleared out every thing and even lightened my stretch marks. I was blown away and it’s actually really comfortable to sleep in

No Mess!

I am loving my Queen of the Throne castor packs! These are truly no mess and very easy to use. I have just started on my new journey with castor oil packs. I had abandoned the previous attempts because they were just too messy.


using up my plastic bottle first, a ways to go. sorry cant do review yet.

Castor oil pack

Tried this for the first time and its really easy. convenient, not messy and comfortable to wear. I used it overnight and saw results next day. very happy with the product.

It has been great

Miracle in a bottle

I trust that Queen of Thrones is the best quality of castor oil. As soon as I put it on my my body, I can feel it working. It aids sinus congestion, ear aches, joint pain and helps faster absorb other nutrients you add to it like iodine. I use it for everything.

Love it!!

I’ve noticed a difference with my sleep and my eliminations.