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Nice design

The pack is clean and well designed. We have not used it long enough to see results but it is easy to use and we plan to use it more frequently.

Take the time to watch

I am enjoying the content of the webinar. I am not caught up yet, but I should be by tomorrow. Appreciate the time to put this together to help others.

The best!!

I typically get severe cramping while on my period, but I used this pack over my pelvic area a few days before my period started, and it helped to reduce my cramping significantly! I also love the versatility of the pack, so I will be using it on my liver to maintain optimal health. I've heard so much about Queen of the Thrones and I'm so glad I finally purchased it!


I resisted buying a castor pack for years, but now I'm a convert. I thought it would be messy and uncomfortable. The first night I wore my wrap, I forgot I was wearing it until I woke up the next morning! Definitely recommending for my clients!

Liver detox

The liver detox has been a great addition to my health journey. I went from 1 BM per day to 2-3 per day! I love this pack and what it's done for me.


I feel after wearing the thyroid castor pack for a hour a day for one week my hair is not falling out as much and my energy is coming back

Great system and petite friendly!

I've used castor oil packs in the past and hated the mess and bother, so I stopped. This system is by far the best I've ever tried and I'm feeling better because of it. Castor oil is so beneficial, and I'm glad I'm finally reaping the benefits! I am extremely petite, so ordered the kids size and it fits perfectly. Thanks so much!

I loveee my liver castor oil pack. I’m going to order a thyroid and pelvic pack this week. I really do feel amazing. I swear my body craves it now

Great product

Great product, packaging, and educational inserts. Fast shipping!


This has helped inflammation sickness and I use it a lot! So glad I found a natural option

Love it!

I love the Queen of Thrones products. I use the thyroid pack one to two weeks/monthly. I take thyroid meds, but believe the pack has made a difference in the health of my thyroid.

Day & Night Detox Kit
Kristina Marie
Loving it so far

I’ve had my castor oil pack for a few weeks now and I definitely think that it’s helping my skin be more clear!

Scar tissue pain relief


Ahhh ... Refreshing !

Im 62 & this Castor eye pack is the very first eye treatment that has ever made a difference in my sleep & feel of skin in my eye area ! Love it ! Im worth every bit of effort to improve my health .


I have tried a few different packs this one by far thr best! Most comfortable and the quality of the pack and the oil are superb 👌

Another Key Piece

As I age I continue to look for ways that I can support my body and improve my health. Adding the Liver Pack kit to my routine has helped me to get restful sleep.

Better Sleep 1 Week in

It has been a week since I started using the Castor Oil pack from Queen of the Thrones. I have been sleeping better and longer. I usually toss and turn or get up in the middle of the night. I have noticed I am sleeping sounder and even 4 of the nights I never woke up until my alarm. The packs are the only change I have made recently so I would say it's working. It is so easy to use and add this to my routine!

Love my new pack!

Game changer!

I have been on a long 8 year journey trying all kinds of remedies for my hormonal imbalances. I had hit a wall on what to try next. A friend recommended castor oil packs and it has made such a huge impact on my health! I now sound like a walking infomercial to my friends and family lol.

Was really excited but had bad reaction

The instructions say to use 2 tablespoons the first time you use it which I think is way too much for the first time. I feel like this is something you slowly introduce your body to. I did the 2 tablespoons and left it on over night and woke up with a swollen eye. I waited a few days then put the pack on for an hour before bed, did not add any oil, and woke up and the bottom of my lip was a little swollen and itchy. I don’t know if those are detox symptoms and are normal or what. I might give it one more go for less time but I’m not sure.

Easy to use

Totally mess free and comfortable. I’m 10 days in of consistent use. I feel I am sleeping better. I’m hoping to see improvement in gut and liver health.

Oil wrap

This is easy to use, haven’t used it long enough but I am sleeping better and overall committed to better health.

Regularity, deep sleep, and faster recovery

I have Crohn’s disease and tend toward constipation, so I’m thrilled that my castor oil pack really does result in regular bowel movements each time I use it! My sleep has improved, and it’s helping me recover from an illness faster with the liver support. I love that it’s easy, mess-free, and organic too.

Easy habit to adopt

I’ve always wanted to do regular castor oil packs but there were so many pieces – the oil, the flannel, the protective plastic layer, the old towel, the heating pad – that I chose to skip them. I’m incredibly pleased with how easy it is to use this Queen of Thrones product! I’ve been sleeping with it lightly tied around me 3x per week for the last 2 weeks and am feeling great. Thank you and I can’t wait to share with my functional nutrition clients!

Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Liver Kit