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Great stuff!

I have been using this on my thyroid every night and I have noticed a big difference in sleep quality!

Caster Oil liver kit

Bought 2 - one for me and one for my husband. We have both been sleeping better and becoming more regular! Love this product that is healthier than taking medications to product the same effects!!

Sleeping better

I have been using the castor oil pack for a week now & i have been sleeping better since then. Also, i noticed that im no longer bloated. I hope you guys will have a bigger size castor oil or a subscribe and save option.

Liver Pack

Purchased as an extra tool in supporting my digestive and hormone health. I've been almost two months religiously, can see an improvement in my stubborn PCOS acne. Excited to see more results as time goes on.

SO Easy to Use

I've used my Castor Oil Pack Kit for several nights in a row and it is so easy to use! Thankful for this company and for the benefits of this convenient kit! Love it!


Great product, so easy to use!

Easy and clean

Easy to use and not messy at all. I haven't had drastic results but feel good about using it!

Easy to use!

I just received my kit and used it once. Very easy and no dripping or staining! I’m excited to begin using it nightly but am easing in!! Thank you!!


The products from Queen of Thrones are unmatched. I had been getting castor oil from health food stores and wraps/packs from big name retailers, and what a world of difference. I only now realize the difference in feel/smell/quality of the oils- the health food stores oils are in plastic bottles which can allow the plastic to leech in and the smell of the oil is off- perhaps a little rancid. The QoT oil goes in smoothly and the wrap and packs are soft, and have no off/ chemically/ musty smells nor any ripped seams or quality issues. The QoT cosmetic castor oil has made my hair soft and shiny and helped with the brittleness in once application- where as the health food store castor oil did not help with over a year and two bottles of use. I am a big fan!


So happy I finally made the purchase!

Castor Packs Rock!

My liver lab numbers are so much better and I’ve noticed that my stress load decreases when I’m regularly using my pack. It’s amazing! The only suggestion I have is that packs and oil also be available to purchase separately as well as in a set, as my pack sometimes needs to be changed when I still have oil left.

Wonderful comfort

I am new to Castor Oil packs and after placing my first order, receiving the product and trying it.....I ordered another one! It is very comforting and easy to use and the support and information is excellent. Thank you!


I feel a lot less congested n my midsection, and seen to be sleeping a lot better

Easy to use

I love these products! They’re so easy to use, and my energy and sleep have improved already.

Makes castor oil packs so easy & Sleeping so much better

I’ve been using my pack nightly for the past 10 days. I notice I sleep better and my morning evacuations are consistent :)
Like the website says, the pack will go thru and I noticed it about 6 or 7 days into using. Just wear an old shirt and use old sheets. The pack has been so easy to implement daily and I don’t question should I wear it again tonight. It’s so easy just pout a bit of oil on the pack and rub it around and strap it on. The pack stays in place every night.
It’s so easy I bought one for my sister who has been using the traditional way of oil packs & then bought an extra one for me.
I do think I’ll need to clean is soon but there’s a step by step in their faq.
Thanks so much for making this pack & making health easier.

We love them!

I need to order another for my five year old daughter who has been asking for one since my son had been wearing his every night.

First time customer and I’m HOOKED!

I have Hashimotos disease and had previously attempted to make my own castor oil pack for the first time, but proceeded to make a giant mess and gave up. But THEN, I was referred to the Queen of Thrones (you legit are a queen), I received my pack last week and have been using it for at least an hour every single day since then (with NO mess). Results so far include: significant positive effects on my skin in just a week and cleared brain fog. Thank you for creating such an awesome product and brand!

No noticeable difference

I've been using castor oil packs nightly for a few months now. I honestly have not noticed any difference in bowel movements, sleep, or in any other area. I am using them because my naturopath recommended I try them for two months. Still hoping I will see some benefit. I will say that Queen of Thrones packs are far easier and less messy than the homemade ones.

Castor Oil Pack

Loving it so far. Simple to use. Seeing some benefits and help with digestion!

Castor Oil Pack Kit for Liver Detox (with oil)

Deepest sleep of my life

Since using the castor oil pack I've had the DEEPEST sleep of my LIFE! Thank you Queen of Thrones!


I love the pack and how it covers a wide area. It always makes me feel better to wear it. Relieves discomfort from bloating and increases regularity.

Thank You


Castor Oil Pack Kit for Liver Detox (with oil)

Life saver

I’ve been doing castor oil packs for years, but this makes it so easy! Less mess. Less to clean up. And I don’t have to wake up to take it off! Seriously life changing and amazing customer service.