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A Great Surprise!

It really surprised me, the immediate energy I had each time I dry brushed in the mornings. I loved it. It is so weird because it makes you take a deep breath and then I have sustained energy after that. I think adding the Castor Oil made a difference because I have done this in the past, but not with this kind of reaction. I love it!

Thinking Positively

I have been using the pack for a couple weeks . I haven't noticed a difference yet but I am still very hopeful.

Hey Dana - Keep up the fantastic work! As everyone is biochemically unique, some people will notice changes immediately while for others it can take weeks, even months to notice a change. Oftentimes when we are constipated or blocked it has taken a long time for the body to become this way and it can take a long time for it to balance out! The good thing with the packs is that scientific studies have demonstrated a range of benefits, so we know that even if it may not feel like it’s positively impacting your health, it is! The key is consistency!!!


Since I started using the Castor Oil pack almost every night, I have started having regular normal bowel movements almost every day. Nothing else worked and I tried everything you can think of! This is so easy to use and has been a game changer!!

Castor Oil pack and 500 ml bundle

I love the product and am sleeping like a baby!

More energy

I have more energy and better hormone balance after wearing packs on the daily. Less bloating too!

Castor oil kit

This product is the most mess free can wear all night option I’ve encountered for castor oil packs. It’s a great product!

Love every product available!

The Castor oil quality is top notch and love that it’s packaged in glass bottles!


So far, so good!

Natural healing that works

The reason I gave a 4-star rating is because I wish the ties on the pack were attached to all 4 corners instead of just in the middle on each side. Being a curvy woman the pack folds in half instead of lying flat on my body all night under my pajamas. I love this natural way of healing my body. Thank you for sharing this castor oil pack with the world!!!

Game changer

Great for so many problems. Can put the pack on ovaries, kidneys, liver, lungs, thyroid, etc. Helps with digestion and toxin removal.

Oh, Sh*t! Special Offer
jamie urquhart
Incredible book and overall brand !

Love the whole brand and info overall. LOVE the book and my castor pack. Sleeping deeply and way less bloated. Also - who knew bread and cheese created glue in your guts!? :( I’m feeling empowered. Thank you!

Soooo easy!

I knew I wanted to try castor oil packs but I dreaded the whole messy ritual. I finally caved and bought Dr. Marisol's pack and I'm so glad I did! It just can't get any easier than this, and being able to sleep in it is a huge convenience as well as vital therapy. There really are no more excuses to keep you from doing castor oil packs with this baby! Well worth every penny.

Works Great!

I have only wore this for about 2 weeks, missing a day here or there. I can tell a difference when I wear it compared to don't wear it. I sleep harder and longer while wearing it. I also always have a good BM that next morning. I know it has to be working hard detoxing all the bad.

Dream Hair Kit
LeahB (foodie nutritional therapy)
Highly recommend

I love all of Dr. Marisol’s products! I use the hair kit each time I sauna, which is at least every other day! Castor oil packs make supporting the liver so simple. I’m a functional nutritionist and I encourage all my client to implement the Queen of the Thrones into their daily lifestyle.

Very happy with the product!

Yes, easy to use, putting it during the night! hoping for great health results as well! thx for making such a "device"

New user - functional doctor recommended

I’ve been using the castor oil pack for about a week and half now for detoxification purposes as recommended by my functional doctor. I haven’t noticed any major differences yet but am not giving up! It wasn’t messy and easy to use. Hoping for improved sleep and liver detox!

The Queen Kit™
Jessica Beeler
Great service!

I had issues with two products being broken, not working and the team got back to me immediately to replace, they were very responsive and helpful. I am about 10 days into trying the castor oil packs, they are pretty easy to use and I’m hopeful will address many of my issues with continued use.

Who knew?!

I never attempted a castor oil pack before because it sounded like too much of a hassle. You can't get easier than this one! I've been using it about two weeks and since day one my stomach is significantly less bloated in the morning. Looking forward to progress!!

Castor oil pack!

I love this!! Been using it everyday since I got it which is 22 days now and I use it overnight. I didn't go straight to the bathroom until maybe the 3rd or 4th night but what I felt change was my sleep. I slept so good and woke up before my husband(never happens) with more energy (which I have a LOT of but never in the morning) and my night sweats have stopped. I'm gonna get the thyroid and eyes one soon! Got one for my mother in law since she has fatty liver and want to help her detox it. Thank you!!

Sharing the love!

After discovering Dr. Marisol’s COPs, and using them myself, I’ve been sharing the benefits I’ve discovered with anyone who will listen! My 9” endometriosis surgery scar is shrinking, my bowl movements are more complete, the pressure in my pelvic region is greatly diminished, or completely gone by am, and I know it’s improving other internal functions yet to be realized. I have not applied it to my liver, yet, but that’s the next area of interest! Can’t wait to discover the additional benefits!

Changing An Old Man

My castor oil pack has been life changing with noticeable deep sleep, a face clear of pimples, better stool passage, along with a sense of calmness and well being.
Thank you Dr. Marisol for your skill, talent, and desire to help others. I Love You!

Castor Oil Pack

Easy to use and keeps things clean and separate from the oil. I like using it.

New to Castor Oil Packs and Loving it!

So I did not even know that Castor Oil packs was a thing? But I am glad that my holistic doctor's office suggested it. I tried to do a castor oil pack on my own before I got my kit and it was a MESS! LOL I love how easy it is to use the Queen of Thrones Castor Oil Kit (less Mess for sure!). I wake up feeling rested, less bloated and ready for a good bowel movement. That may be too much TIM but if you know how you feel after all that, then you would understand why I had to mention it :-) Small investment for BIG relief and results!

Love it as always!

I really like the “upgraded” version of the compress. It’s bigger and the straps are longer and softer. They wrap very snuggly around my body. I cannot imagine my life without regular nightly castor oil packs. I became an addict…

Big results for dry eyes

This has greatly improved my dry eye issue! I apply it around and on my eyelids as well as on the edge of my lids to the eye itself before bedtime.It does not interfere with my vision other than some slight occasional blurring, but not severe. Sometimes I will just apply it late in the day when my eyes are tired and dry due to outside environment, but this nightly application usually gets me thro most of the day.