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Organic castor oil pack

Been using for 2 weeks now. It may be helping slightly with my inflammation in my stomach. No drastic changes. The oil is messy and stains all sheets and pillows

Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Thyroid Kit

Liver Pack

I try to use it at least four nights a week. I find it very soothing and really hope that it’s beneficial to my health journey.

Good night

Very easy to use. Sleeping so well.

Love this!

Wish I knew about this years ago...I have used my liver pack for 30 days and have clearer skin, more thorough and consistent bm's, and more restful sleep. I just ordered one for my daughter and grand daughter!

Love it😊

I have found using a castor oil pack to be really nice! I thought maybe it would be uncomfortable or make me feel yucky, but it has not; it actually noticeably improves BMs/liver "detox", and sleep, and even anxiety. Wearing the pack feels like a hug, which is very calming. After using mine for a month or so, I bought them for my husband and kids. My daughter seems to really like hers too. My son is kind of between the kids and adult size, so working on that, because he wants to wear his. I recommend giving it a try...I wish I hadn't waited so long to get mine. It is a very gentle, non invasive way to support your body holistically.


My first time trying castor oil packs and this one is super easy to use and store.

So convenient and easy to use!

So convenient ~ easy to use ~ and no mess ~ the Liver Pack can stay on for 8+ hours! I originally purchased the Liver Pack to see if this draws out anesthesia that I suspect is causing an itchy rash (3 months now). It worked!!! After seven nights of using, my rash has subsided!!! Joy oh Joy! So grateful, thank you!!!


I notice less bloating in the morning when I wear my liver pack:)

sleeping better!

I have only been using this for 2 weeks, but so far I am sleeping deeper and can definitely feel a difference in my overall digestion health. No more bloat!!

Better bowel movement

TMI I feel like with the castor oil pack I’m able to have more bowel movements, I’ve just used the pack for a couple days now and it’s what I’ve noticed. I hope it helps my G.I. Health.

Great product

I love how simple the kit is! No mess and easy to use.

Lymphatic brush

Love it for legs arms and places I can reach but my back is missing out

Still learning

Looking forward to learning more

Amazed at results

Was apprehensive about using since castor oil packs can be messy. Not so with Queen of Thrones. Works better than I thought it would

Very easy to use and quite effective

Loving it so much I ordered the thyroid pack and massage. Got my sister to order too. Hoping for great things to happen.

Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Liver

I never got the caster oil, so I haven’t tried it yet


Simple Detox!

Love this nontoxic way to detox and never imagined I would not want to go a night with out sleeping with it.

So simple

I have tried diy packs and it was such a mess. This pack is so simple and easy to use and so comfortable!


Amazing product! I have been using it for a week and I’m already sleeping so much better. I feel less bloated and more alert everyday.

Nearly perfect

Dr. Marisol, thank you for making this pack so convenient. If interested in kicking it up a notch, may I suggest making the flannel inside a removable liner so the liner itself could be replaced rather than the entire pack? That would cut replacement costs for your clients by a lot, I think. I'm imagining thin velcro? Another option is a mild cleaner of some sort that can be used daily or weekly? Replacing the packs every sixty days is just too expensive and not very environmentally friendly. 😉 Just saying!

Original Organic Castor Oil Pack for Liver Kit

I have not used it yet. I definitely will give a review. I also plan to order your thyroid kit. My credit card was hacked and I am awaiting a new one. Stay tuned