Using Castor Oil & Castor Oil Packs

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Why Castor Oil?

Dr. Marisol wearing the beauty sleep mask

Your wake and sleep cycle (A.K.A. circadian rhythm) is part of your unique Body Clock™; the part of you that cycles, ebbs and flows in harmony with the rhythms of nature. Sleep is vital because it is the part of your day where you cleanse, renew and recharge.

Do you have troubles falling asleep, staying asleep, insomnia, anxiety, or are you super tired all the time? For centuries castor oil self care rituals have been used in Ancient Egypt, Indian Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine to support sleep and stress reduction. Discover how to use this modernized ancient health tool in your nighttime routine to help you get the best sleep of your life.

Dr. Marisol wearing the beauty sleep mask


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Disclaimer: Always check in with your gut, your higher self and your doctor before starting any new health practice. This is not meant to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose. This is for educational purposes only.

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