★★★★★ Different from other cleanses, in a good way!

This cleanse was so different from other cleanses that I have done in the past (in a good way!) The spiritual connection completely made the cleanse a true whole-body experience. I can not wait to do this again.
I highly recommend it!

-Jenn P.

So, you’ve been thinking about doing a cleanse because you’ve overindulged…

And now you’re bloated, tired, not sleeping well, hormones are off…

Overall just feeling ‘blah’. Agreed?

Now you find yourself anxious because you are in one of 2 places:

1. Fearful, because you’ve never done a cleanse


2. Discouraged, because you may have failed cleanses before

Is this you?

Well, you're 100% right to feel this way, because most cleanses are difficult and depriving.

But you don’t have to ever feel fearful or discouraged, instead you’ll feel safe and uplifted with The Genesis Cleanse, and easy 7 day Mediterranean Castor Oil Pack Cleanse.

What’s a Castor Oil Pack?

An organic cotton flannel with Castor Oil worn over your liver and eyes to support daily cleansing. They hug your body while you sleep, helping you relax deeply. This naturally enhances the ideal time for liver detox, lymphatic drainage and colon cleansing.

How the new Mediterranean Castor Oil Pack Cleanse, called The Genesis Cleanse, makes life easy!

You see, a typical cleanse can be overwhelming. They often include a long regiment of supplements and powders, time-consuming juicing, or restrictive fasting.

They also often forget to include tools like Castor Oil Packs, which help you to feel better during the cleanse (instead of feeling worse).

★★★★★ The Castor Oil Packs help SO much!

Oh my gosh, the Castor Oil Packs help my digestion and sleep so much. Without them, I cannot sleep and have bloat so bad. Using this as well to help my fibroid breasts and uterine fibroids as well. Such an amazing experience!
I can't wait to repeat this over and over again!

-Donna J.

Without the Castor Oil Pack, you find yourself teeth-clenching and white-knuckling your way through your cleanse, praying to make it to the other side.

Then once you’re finished, you go hog wild…“Rewarding” yourself with comfort foods and red wine that you desperately craved through the torture and deprivation. (Hint: This cleanse allows modified red wine!)

Where is the balance, and how was that healthy?

This is exactly why sooner rather than later you find yourself feeling “blah” again. Agreed?

The Genesis Cleanse will help you bloom, and not fall back into “blah”

It’s a fresh, new and original way to cleanse, designed to overcome the deprivation and discomfort of typical cleanses.

  • Imagine, waking up feeling like new, having worn your Castor Oil Packs overnight.

  • You feel refreshed and ready to start your day by aligning your energy with a simple song and intention.

  • You easily fast and feast through your day with delicious teas, broths and simple Mediterranean recipes.

  • You have simple breathing exercises to help reset your balance when you feel your life around you is getting out of hand.

★★★★★ Delicious, healthy way of eating

The Queen of the Thrones® Cleanse is the first diet (healthy way of eating) I have encountered where all the meals have been so delicious! No exceptions! Over the years, I have been on other food guided diets but your menu far surpasses them all! It appears I lost 10 lbs also. And this was not one of my intentions but a benefit!


Would you love that?

It’s an EASY, gentle, 7 days of Mediterranean fasting and feasting, supported by Castor Oil Packs, science, and spiritual practices (inspired by the 7 days of creation from the book of Genesis).

This daily step by step experience helps you build long lasting practices that support your “cleanse-ability”.

Challenge yourself to this 7 day cleanse so you can wake up like new.

★★★★★ My bloat is gone!

This is just what my body needed.. the first day was the hardest but I was very surprised how well I did that day with others eating around me!!! I did a lot of meditation and breathe work over the 7 days. My bloat went away my body had time to rest.. loved it loved the scriptures!! I think I will do this every other month.

-Karen T.

Wellness is the result of your “cleanse-ability” through science and spirit

Most cleanses only nurture your physical body. But if you neglect your spiritual body, it’s like cleaning your bed sheets and never washing your pillowcases. You would never do that, am I right?

The beauty of the Genesis Cleanse is that it’s:

  • Generative, not restrictive
  • Easy, not complicated
  • Short, not long
  • Scientific and spiritual, not religion-based

It is meant to help restore the faith you once had in your body, to feel better.

★★★★★ Love the combination of science and spirit

I’ve done intermediate fasting. This was a step above. And it covered our spiritual side.

-Shirley P.

But please don’t expect the Genesis Cleanse to be a ‘magic bullet’. Because you DO have to show up and do the work, so you can reap what you sow.

Curious how The Genesis Cleanse works?

It’s a simple, step-by-step guided 14 day experience that includes daily short and sweet motivational emails and 3-5 minute videos so you can begin to transform your physical and spiritual wellbeing.

  • The first 7 days are practical, where you’ll clean up your pantry, get your Castor Oil Pack Kit and shop for groceries to prepare for your cleanse, learning all of the original Mediterranean cleansing and detox principles.
    **This part is optional - you can binge-watch and skip ahead to your cleanse if you want.

  • The next 7 days are where you will do your cleanse, wearing your Castor Oil Packs over your liver and eyes, while you sleep.You will feast and fast Mediterranean-style, create your own intention, enjoy energizing breath work and move your energy through song (don’t worry, nobody has to hear you sing).

It's an affordable and supplement-free cleanse (safe to continue your current supplement regime).

Once you’ve adopted these principles to your lifestyle, many love to repeat their cleanse on a monthly, bi-monthly, or seasonal schedule for maintenance.

This is your opportunity to help improve your sleep, mood, cravings, digestion and energy, so you can bloom this new year and feel good in your own skin again!

Up for the challenge?

★★★★★ Better sleep, poops, and less stress

I have had better sleeps, sleeping through the night most nights, better bowel movements, less stress, more calm approach to life, less eye inflammation and less wrinkles around my eyes.

-Stacie G.

So, what’s included with the challenge?

  • Daily short and sweet emails with 3-5 minute motivational videos
  • Healthy grocery list with full meal plan & recipes (vegetarian options included!)
  • How-to’s for fasting, guided lifestyle and mindset practices
  • Access to a private community of wellness lovers on the same journey as you

You have 2 choices, which would you love?

The Genesis Cleanse

Easy 7 Day Mediterranean Castor Oil Pack Cleanse


The Genesis Cleanse

Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Kids Pack Kit


  • Access to the cleanse challenge with digital tools (reg. price $69.97)
  • NO products included


Reg. price $69.97

30% savings



The Genesis Cleanse Kit
(Castor Oil Packs included)

Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Kids Pack Kit


  • Access to the cleanse challenge with digital tools (reg. price $69.97)
  • Castor Oil Pack for Liver Kit (reg. price $65.97)
  • Castor Oil Eye Compress Kit (reg. price $45.12)


Reg. price $181.06

47% savings!!!

★★★★★ Excited to do this every month

I love the cleanse being related to scripture as well as the options for ease suggested. I have not been able to do water only, but have done liquids. The option was very encouraging! I plan to stay consistent monthly.

-Debra M.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this isn’t a religious cleanse, but it is based on the 7 days of creation from the Bible, and scripture is discussed. It’s also inclusive of wellness modalities such as Indian Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Absolutely you can! However, we do suggest that you watch the first 7 days of videos before you begin the cleanse phase so you get a deep understanding of the Mediterranean cleanse and detox principles.

After purchasing your cleanse, you’ll receive a confirmation email and get full access to your cleanse experience and private Facebook group.

The first 7 days will help you prepare with a grocery list, meal plan and emails and videos so you can understand the Mediterranean cleansing principles. The next 7 days you will begin your 7 day cleanse.

A couple times per year we may run the Genesis Cleanse live. These dates will be announced in your private Facebook group which you have the choice to attend at your leisure. Any lives recordings will also be posted to your private Facebook page.

Yes you can! Many feel so great on the cleanse they extend it or repeat it monthly, quarterly or yearly. It’s a natural health practice which will optimize your body’s natural “cleanse-ability”.

Yes! The recipes are VERY simple using Mediterranean ingredients you can find at any grocery store. Aim for fresh and organic foods, if possible.

Yes, there are plenty of vegetarian/vegan options.

Typically alcohol isn’t allowed during a cleanse, however, because red wine has many health benefits, there is a recipe for red wine adapted in a way that is suitable for cleansing.

No, there is no coffee on this cleanse because coffee puts stress on your system. However, there are some excellent coffee substitutes and an array of teas and warm drinks to choose from.

Supporting your cleanse by wearing Castor Oil Packs nightly will help you feel better and support your natural liver detox, lymphatic drainage, and colon cleansing abilities.

No, however, it will greatly support you to feel better, sleep better, and go to the bathroom better so you can naturally cleanse in a gentle way.

The cleanse is gentle and tolerated by all, except if you’re pregnant. Cleansing in general and the use of Castor Oil Packs is NOT recommended during pregnancy.

This cleanse is food based with gentle lifestyle practices, and you may modify it slightly (using a Pelvic Castor Oil Pack rather than a Liver Pack) to better support you during breastfeeding. Please contact us for more information: care@queenofthethrones.com

Yes, absolutely. The cleanse is dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free (except if you're vegetarian) and can easily be modified to suit your own personal preferences.

Yes, because it’s an easy gentle lifestyle practice which won’t negatively affect medication. Please continue to take your medication as prescribed.

Yes, any cleanse that uses Castor Oil Packs supports a healthy microbiome balance and regular bowel movements. One study shows a positive immune response after seven hours with the use of a Castor Oil Pack (1).

No, we don’t suggest drinking Castor Oil because it has a stimulant laxative effect. The Genesis Cleanse seeks to relax the body with Castor Oil Packs to support its natural cleansing functions of liver detox, lymphatic drainage and colon cleansing.

The Castor Oil Pack is 50% of the treatment, and without it you lose out on the most important element of the practice which is shifting the body into a relaxed state. It’s how it helps your body naturally cleanse and detox.

This cleanse is loved by most, but, as always, please check with your healthcare practitioner before you begin.

If you aren’t satisfied with your Genesis Cleanse experience, you can get a full refund within 10 days after purchase. Contact care@queenofthethrones.com for support. We cannot accept returns on used products.


Always talk to your doctor before starting any new practice. Do not cleanse during pregnancy. This is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease. This is for educational purposes only. Results vary.

References: 1 Grady H. Immunomodulation through castor oil packs. The Journal of Naturopathic Medicine. Volume 7 Jan 1 1998; 7(1): 84-9 Corpus ID: 52838898