“I don't think I have seen my stomach that flat in a while! ” Excellent Experience. I did this cleanse with my two daughters (18 &22) and we all enjoyed it finding it easy to follow and felt great. The girls struggled with the 2 days of water fasting so they added a green smoothy those days. The daily emails were encouraging and informative. We all agreed we would do this more regularly starting with once a quarter. Thanks for providing a great experience.

-Rachel M


The Original Mediterranean Cleanse™️ is your new opportunity to do a simple food-based, supplement-free, body and spirit cleanse

But first, may I ask, do you find yourself…

  • Spending way too much time on the toilet (you’re reading this from your throne right now, right?)
  • Pushing and straining so hard that you feel like you’re going to pop a blood vessel, no matter how much fiber you eat, or water you drink- can you relate?
  • “Hyper wiping” using up roll, after roll, after roll of toilet paper…
  • Feeling anxious and uneasy, with a racing heartbeat throughout your day…
  • Bloating as if you’re 6 months pregnant, but you’re not...
  • Do you feel like you have more bad days than good? Enduring blood tests, and doctors appointments, while receiving dead-end answers as to why you don’t feel “well”?
  • Are you losing faith in feeling “normal” again?

Has every other cleanse promised you the world, but then made you feel even worse? Or maybe it was just so hard to follow so you gave up, right?
It’s okay - you’re not alone.

You’re in the right place because this is your invitation to know how to cleanse better naturally. But how? Well, this is your chance to join The Original Mediterranean Cleanse™ (AKA The Genesis Cleanse).

This is unlike any cleanse you’ve tried before! The Original Mediterranean Cleanse™ is inspired by the 7 days of creation in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, written by Moses; and is waiting to restore your mind-gut connection, and the faith you once had in your body’s ability to heal.

This is your opportunity for a food-based, supplement-free, body and spirit cleanse to help improve your sleep, reduce cravings, and boost energy, so that you can feel good in your own skin again!

“Loved this cleanse!” This cleanse was so different from other cleanses that I have done in the past (in a good way!) The spiritual connection completely made the cleanse a true whole-body experience. I can not wait to do this again. I highly recommend it!

-Jenn P.

What you'll get:

  • Short daily 3-5 minute videos from Marisol Teijeiro, Queen of the Thrones®️ Founder & Naturopathic Doctor, on how to cleanse easily and NATURALLY so you can transform your physical & spiritual wellbeing
  • Healthy grocery list with full meal plan & recipes for an easy Mediterranean Cleanse™ (vegetarian options included!), so you can know what food to make to support your cleanse, and have a stocked cupboard ready to get you there!
  • Tips and techniques for lifestyle practices like intermittent fasting, hot and cold showers, positive affirmations and more!
  • Access to amazing ND curated self-care tools found in the packages offered below, so you can feel great while cleansing and begin to wake up like new!
  • Exclusive access to a Facebook event page to help you stay accountable and follow along LIVE with other cleansers from January 10-16th (click here to join now!)

The best part? You can tailor your wellness journey to best meet your needs with 3 self-care bundles to choose from!

Genesis Cleanse + Castor Oil Liver Pack Kit 15% OFF

Queen of the Thrones® Genesis Cleanse Kit
  • Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Liver Pack
  • Queen of the Thrones® Organic Castor Oil 16.9 oz (500ml)
  • Access to The Genesis Cleanse Online Course

Regular price: $146.95

NOW Only $124.91!

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Total Lymphatic Love Kit25% OFF

Queen of the Thrones® The Total Lymphatic Love Kit
  • Bamboo Dry Brush
  • Castor Oil Liver Pack
  • Beauty Sleep Brow & Lash Kit
  • Organic Castor Oil 3.38 oz (100ml)
  • Organic Castor Oil 16.9 oz (500ml)
  • Access to The Genesis Cleanse online course

Reg. price: $219.86

NOW ONLY $164.89!

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Genesis Cleanse + Circadian Sleep + Castor Oil Liver Pack Kit 20% OFF

Queen of the Thrones® Original Genesis Cleanse
  • Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Liver Pack
  • Queen of the Thrones® Organic Castor Oil 16.9 oz (500ml)
  • Beauty Sleep Brow & Lash Kit
  • Access to The Genesis Cleanse Online Course

Regular price: $187.92

NOW Only $150.34!

SAVE 20%

Would you love to learn more about cleansing naturally?
I’ve picked an article from our Blog just for you!


Discover your natural ability to heal from within as you reconnect with your mind, body, and spirit

The first 7 days you’ll clean up your pantry and prepare for the adventure learning all of the Original Mediterranean Cleansing and Detox principles!

The next 7 days is where you will do your simple food-based, supplement-free cleanse!!

Would you love your opportunity to feel brand new?!

“I feel it really helps with liver cleansing and detoxing ” I have been using this castor oil pack and absolutely couldn't be happier. I had tried several times in the past to use castor oil but the process was so messy and time consuming. With this particular pack it is easy to apply, place on your body, wrap and tie. Because it is so easy, I use it Much more frequently then I have any other castor oil pack. I feel it really helps with liver cleansing and detoxing and it helps me to sleep. I put it on before bed and sleep in it all night. I will be a customer for life.


Disclaimer: Check in with your gut, your higher self and your doctor before starting any new health practice. This is not medical advice. This is for educational purposes only.