Part 1 | All About Your New Dream Hair Kit

  1. What comes with your Dream Hair Kit?
  2. How does the hair pick and hair wrap work?
  3. How does this help hormonal hair loss?
  4. Which essential oil can you add for thyroid conditions?
  5. Combine with castor oil pack for beauty from the inside out!

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Doctor Marisol Smiling


Dr. Marisol Teijeiro, ND, BA | Medical Mystic & the Queen of the Thrones™ 

  When I was in my early 20s, I had so many symptoms. Ones you may be experiencing as well! On top of those symptoms I was feeling stuck, helpless & lost.

 I visited my fair share of naturopathic doctors who, of course, put me on the standard superfood cleansing diet. I ate these foods... But ended up feeling worse! The discouragement actually became a gift! It's what guided me to become a naturopathic doctor and find a solution. 

I learned that no two patients are alike and all of those superfood cleansing diets  I had been recommended in the past were FULL of my own personal food sensitivities. I needed a very specific protocol... Unique to ME! Just like you need the same for you. I'm SO happy you are here with me to Choose Your Own Diet Adventure!