Castor Oil Pelvic Pack for Period and Hormones' Problems

“My Son Has Taken Mine & Wears It Every Night!” Loving it! I sleep so good when wearing the pack. I need another one because my son has taken mine and wears it every night and lxoves it! It has helped him to sleep so well and to fall asleep quick.

-Rachel M

What comes to mind when you hear the word “period”? Does the word “dread” come to mind? Maybe you get a sinking feeling in your stomach because you know what follows…

  • You find yourself mentally ticking off the days on your calendar leading up to your period, or maybe you’re left in anxiety-ridden limbo because your period sets its own schedule, right?
  • You’re chained to your heating pad, willing the war inside your body to surrender so that you can finally soothe your gut-wrenching cramps…
  • Your hormones wreak havoc on not only your skin, but your mood, appetite and energy too, making you feel like you’re trudging through waist deep snow with lead boots strapped to your feet…
  • The pain and discomfort you feel from your endometriosis, fibroids or ovarian cysts is heightened,twisting and cramping your insides like a tilt-o-whirl.

Brings back memories, am I right?

Do you see the same pattern happening with your kids?

Or maybe you’re still reading this because you can’t blame all those empty wrappers on your kids, right? Your sweet tooth still puts you into the same ‘sugar hangover’ year after year...
Is this you?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. There’s an ancient health tool, older than Frankenstein, Count Dracula, and all the spooky scary skeletons combined, that can help… It’s the castor oil liver pack.

Would you love to share your favorite self-care tool with your kids so they can form healthy habits that will last a lifetime?

“Within Days His Skin Was Calm and Healing” My 10 yr old son started using [castor oil packs] nightly in the middle of a common eczema flare up and within days his skin was calm and healing.

-Mindy I

Set your child up for a lifetime of good health with your new Castor Oil Kids Pack

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As Hippocrates, the father of medicine said, “All disease begins in the gut.”

Set your child up with a strong foundation of good gut health that reflects as:

  • Regular, healthy bowel movements
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Deep peaceful sleep
  • A calm, focused mind

And much, much more with this clinically practiced, scientifically supported, and time-honored castor oil pack ritual.

“She Was More Calm, Presented Her Thoughts More Clearly” I started using the castor oil pack on my daughter (age 4) as a gentle detox. Due to a gene mutation we are struggling with candida, detox and nervous system regulation leading to some sensory challenges. I truly noticed an immediate difference, as if it took the edge off. She was more calm, presented her thoughts more clearly, sat and completed a puzzle without a meltdown. Will definitely be incorporating the castor oil pack into her routine 2-3x a week.

-Lauren M

Disclaimer: Check in with your gut, your higher self and your doctor before starting any new health practice. This is not medical advice. This is for educational purposes only.