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Transforming lives is what you do, so do we! And we can help you do it in a new and easy way.

You love easy when it comes to transformation, right? We’re experts at making things easy, especially when it comes to our affiliate program!

Just like we took the complicated and messy castor oil pack and made it easy and new, our goal is to help you get it to the people you serve so they can transform, and in the process you can grow and build your business too.

Yes, you do! If you are a health enthusiast in the pursuit of wellbeing, that is:

Your curated affiliate program tools include:

  • Time-saving educational product information so you can become the expert when it comes to castor oil packs and other Queen of the Thrones® self-care tools that you can copy & paste right into your newsletter emails and social media posts
  • Pre-designed, ready to use product images and graphics you can drag and drop into your content
  • A personal success coach who shares business expertise on how to optimize your assets so you can connect and transform the people you serve helping you ‘make money while you sleep’ with your unique cookie-enabled affiliate link
  • The option to share the products with your people through an affiliate link without holding physical inventory OR carry the products in your practice/business through our Wholesale Program

Do I qualify?

Yes, you do! If you are a health enthusiast in the pursuit of wellbeing, that is:

  • An integrative or functional medicine practitioner (naturopathic doctor, chiropractor, midwife, nutritionist, etc.)
  • An influencer in the natural health and wellness industry
  • An owner of a clinical practice or wellness. . . ...........
  • A health coach ...........................................................

We are here to serve you and help grow you on your journey.

What are the next steps?

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  3. You will also book your orientation call with your personal success coach who can give you curated personalized guidance and tools for your community, determining whether you fail or flourish with this new business opportunity. Do not miss out!

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