We invite you to an exclusive masterclass designed for our valued Queen of the Thrones® Partners!

Join Queen of the Thrones® CEO, Dr. Marisol Teijeiro ND (Inac) on June 20th at 12pm ET to dive deep into the new essential guidelines and strategies for creating content that not only complies with regulatory standards, but also captivates and converts your audience.

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In this informative session, you'll learn how to promote Queen of the Thrones® products while adhering to our new content guidelines.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Understanding Compliance: Gain a clear understanding of FDA regulations and how they impact your promotional content.
  • Crafting Wellness Statements: Learn to highlight the benefits of our products without making unapproved health claims.
  • Product Feature Focus: Discover how to emphasize product features and quality to appeal to your audience.
  • Using Brand Assets: Learn the best practices for utilizing official logos, images, and product descriptions.
  • Avoid Common Pitfalls: Identify and steer clear of misleading information and prohibited practices to maintain credibility and trust and keep you out of hot water

This webinar is a must for all Queen of the Thrones® partners. You'll walk away with actionable insights and practical tools to enhance your promotional efforts, ensuring you are confident and compliant in your marketing.

Reserve your spot now and take your content creation to the next level!

Disclaimer: I am not your lawyer. This webinar does not constitute legal advice. The information provided is for educational purposes only. Queen of the Thrones® and Dr. Marisol Teijeiro ND (Inac) are not responsible for any legal actions resulting from the implementation of the advice given during this webinar. Please consult with a qualified legal professional for specific legal guidance.