What Will the Weekly Sell Health Well Insider Do For My Health & Wellness Practices?

What Will the Weekly Sell Health Week Insider Do For My Health & Wellness practices?

This is for you, the integrative or functional medicine practitioner, health coach or wellness influencer if…

  • You’re tired of wasting your precious breath, struggling to get people to give up their morning coffee, or drop their dairy and gluten. Compliance is low, especially in an online environment, would you agree?
  • You struggle doing it alone, technology and ecommerce feels like an uphill battle and you’re going nowhere fast, with no one to turn to…
  • You’re sick of spending money on failed marketing tactics, only for others to speak poorly of you to your colleagues…
  • Your patients or clients go to your competition, despite how much you try to get them to comply with your treatments in order to feel better…

Do any of these sound like you?

But really, your true disappointment is that you have a wealth of knowledge to share, but you don't know the best way to get your message across in this online digital world or even to the person sitting right in front of you… Can you relate?

The golden ticket is to stop wasting time and money on learning so many new things, and just find out how to do the basics better.

Discover how to SELL HEALTH WELL!

So, if you are a natural health & wellness practitioner, coach or influencer who is…

  • Heart-centered, with an extra mile entrepreneur attitude in your clinical practice and/or online presence.
  • Passionate with a love that fuels your empire state of mind.
  • Eager to learn, early to adopt, and always expect excellence from yourself and your people.

Let us be your guide…

Stop convincing, and start converting so you can transform you and your people into who you truly want to be! Sounds amazing, right?

What you’ll get when you sign up for the weekly ‘Natural Health Insider’ with Sell Health Well (in partnership with Queen of the Thrones®)...

  • Behind the scenes scoop on the natural health and wellness industry.
  • Easy & practical protocols/practices (like seed cycling for hormonal balance without eating seeds)…for both your clinical practice & natural health business.
  • Build a deeper relationship with yourself, your patients & your passion that drives you every day.
  • Mindset principles and practices to help you achieve your personal & professional dreams, or something even greater still!
  • Grow with Dr. Marisol, ND (inactive), founder of Queen of the Thrones® and her ever-growing team that went from 1 to 24 in just 3 short years!

The best part? It’s absolutely FREE!


Consider it a goodwill investment to grow yourself, and your online natural health & wellness business! Pretty amazing, agreed?

I can’t wait to see you on the other side!

Disclaimer: Always check in with your gut, your higher self and your doctor before starting any new health practice. This is not meant to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose. This is for educational purposes only.

Based on 5738 reviews

I purchased my liver castor oil pack to try it before I recommended it to my clients. I never expected to lose 3/4” on my hips the first week, BONUS benefit! There’s no other explanation as I didn’t change anything else in my daily routine.

wasn't sure what to expect but now I am a believer

I've never slept better. I purchased the castor oil liver pack hoping for a detox but WOW. I've been sleeping wearing it every night for a few weeks and the difference is surreal.

Great product

I love the liver pack. It's great to be able to do castor oil packs without the mess.

So easy to use!

I have loved castor oil packs for a long time but they can get messy and having to cut up cloths and place them over you can be a bit time consuming. I love these packs because they are preshaped and ready to go. All you have to do is put the castor oil on and tie it around you! I love that you can sleep in the liver pack! That means you can slowly detox overnight. My joints feel better afterwards and I usually sleep better too.

Shockingly small

I thought the price was decent based on the oils I have gotten from you before. This bottle was miniature and I wasn’t aware of this until it got here.

Liver pack and eye uses

I have have been using Queen of thrones castor oil consistently for a month now and I love it. I have noticed a wonderful increase and consistency with bowel movements and increased clarity in my vision .

Pelvic kit

This has improved my digestion

Amazing product, and amazing results,

I'm sleeping better, I feel great, and I'm losing weight. Highly recommend the castor oil pack. I've tried in the past but it was so messy. This makes it effortless.

In love!!

I love my liver pack! It is so easy to use! I can’t wait to try more products from your line!

Pelvic pack

I’m enjoying the pelvic pack and queen of the thrones castor oil believing healing is happening.

Absolutely amazing

I love my packs so much. Truly help me to feel better in so many ways.

Great product

Great product, looks well made, no leaking bottle. Can't wait to see results. Thank you!

Seemed to help right away.

I wanted to give this a try because I wake up every night to use the bathroom at least once and sometimes twice a night. Since using the product Ive had a few nights that I have slept through the night. Very pleased with that. I also think it’s helping with bloat!

Family of Believers

My whole family has benefited from deeper sleep and regular BMs. Ages 50-10 we all love and believe in the healing of these liver packs!!

I found that the caster oil was superior and amazing. Thank you.


This product is a must for every bathroom in your home! Love how it smells and beautiful bottle displayed in your bathroom

Amazing products!

On just the first night, the Kids Liver Castor Oil Pack enabled my grandson to sleep through the night his first night and every night staying with us for a week. Just one hour before bedtime while we read stories and the rest is now history! He always woke up several time per night before! Thank you!

I’m in love!

Th castor oil pack is so relaxing. I love using it at night after a busy day. I can feel my body letting go as I’m detoxing all at once.


I have been using this Castor Oil since January and have been very happy with how it has positively impacted my hormones.

Love this detox!

I have noticed such a difference in my detox and health. I especially use this after a glass of wine. I used this on my neck when I was preventing a cold and was happy to have my sore throat go away the next day, my husband who was already sick had his symptoms go away as well. I have purchased the liver kit many times now and just ordered my first thyroid kit.

Hormone Balance & Detox Kit
Librada Gil Durham
I Have not received my package

I don’t know what happened with the misshandling. Who’s fault it was, FedEx or your warehouse?

Great scent and experience

Great products

Have been using the castor oil pack for the liver for less than 2 weeks. Am sleeping sounder & getting up feeling more rested, even if I only get as little as 6 hours of sleep. And in the past 3 days now, am pooping earlier in the day. The pack is very easy to use! Have not started using castor oil eye compress , been putting a bit of castor oil on my eye lids right before going to bed. Have only done the dry brushing once so far.

Helps me to sleep so much better 😁

I have been struggling with getting a good night sleep for decades. Castor oil packs have helped me sleep through the night, once I have fallen asleep (falling asleep is still more challenging though). I am a fan!!

Top Quality Castor Oil

Happy to find this product and website. Top quality and tremendous amount of information to learn from. Thank you.