Queen of the Thrones® Natural Electrolyte Remedy

Do you feel extra tired after the gym or spending time outdoors? Maybe you’ve noticed strange hangover-like symptoms even if you haven’t had a drink?

Well you’re right where you need to be because we have an amazing first step that may help you alleviate the signs of dehydration! Sounds wonderful, agreed?

With this very easy recipe, you can help replenish your electrolytes and restore your fluid balance after drinking alcohol, after exercising, or even after having the flu!

You see, electrolytes are essential minerals that your body needs to function properly. When you replenish your electrolytes, your gut, muscles, and nerve function will all be on the receiving end of something wonderful! Besides that, it’s just delicious and refreshing!

Queen of the Thrones® Natural Electrolyte Remedy

So, the next time you feel dehydrated, remember that your discomfort is actually your body telling you it’s a little off balance and that your electrolytes may need a little loving replenishment.

Plus, you can pair this delicious drink with your favorite ABDOMINAL Castor Oil Pack practice to help keep your detox, drainage and cleansing pathways flowing!

Disclaimer:This is not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease. This is not medical advice. This is for educational purposes only. Results vary.