Eau de Throne™

$25.97 USD

“I originally bought this for my bathroom as I wanted a chemical free fragrance to use after #2, but the smell is so calming and wonderful that I started keeping them in almost every room in my house...” – Amanda H, Queen of the Thrones™ fan

Whether you deal with embarrassing bathroom odors, or you just want a natural alternative to home fragrance… Eau de Throne™ – the Everything You Do Parfum – is the perfect blend of organic essential oils to delight your nose & calm your system.

It easily & naturally neutralizes unpleasant smells & the lavender, clove, rosemary, & limonene provide antibacterial protection. No more unwanted smells in your home, use in the bathroom or any other room, spritz into shoes or your gym bag, even put a couple drops in your diffuser.

Poop, Peek, Perfume! Let the royal scent fill the room!

Get Eau de Throne™ in our Queen Kit™ for bonus savings & free shipping!

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Customer Reviews

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Abigail Harper
Nice, but I will not purchase again in its current EO ratio

While I do like it, I find the cloves to be exceptionally overwhelming in the overall fragrance blend. I’d also like to know from where each oil was sourced since imposter lavender EO is an industry-wide problem (and if it isn’t real and organic, it’s carcinogenic). Ultimately, it’s nice, but not for me unless the balance changes to favor the other EOs more. I don’t know what the research says on what the ratio of cloves and citrus and such needs to be in order to combat bacterial biotoxins, so sadly there may not be a formula change that could allow the product to remain effective. Do try it for yourself. I might actually be immunologically sensitive to cloves.

John Rutter
Oder be Gone

It works great!!!

Juliene Munts
Essential oils clean the air!

Finally, i can clear the air after toilet time and not worry about harmful fumes. Thank you!

Smells clean

After using this I feel like I’m being proactive for myself and my family. It’s smells delicious which isn’t something we normally say after going #2! My 8 year old loves it and I’m glad I got one for her bathroom too!

Diane R.
Eau de Throne

Smells great and clean! I will buy more to give out as gifts!