Colon Cleansing Support Kit
Colon Cleansing Support Kit
Colon Cleansing Support Kit
Colon Cleansing Support Kit

Colon Cleansing Support Kit

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Your Queen of the Thrones® Colon Cleansing Support Kit was scientifically designed by a naturopathic doctor so you can support:

  • Hormone balance
  • Deep sleep
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Inflammation and leaky gut
  • Constipation and bloating relief

Would you love that?

You’ll love your Queen of the Thrones® Colon Cleansing Support Kit!


Love every product available!

The Castor oil quality is top notch and love that it’s packaged in glass bottles!




very good


kelley arnold



Wonderful addition to my health routine

Need more of this in my life, will be buying more.

Christy McCulloch



Quality Product

I must say I was impressed with the quality of this product. This was my first time ordering and I was impressed with the product. I will order from this company again.

Betsy Opyt



Great product!

Perfect size for traveling, so I never have to be without castor oil. Love the quality




Castor oil pack

This kit makes it so much easier to do. So much less messy

Justine Hillis



I have been using castor oil on my stomach for years now. It is an amazing remedy for the digestive system. I used to put a small towel all night with a warm bottle of water on top. Once I found the Castor Oil Pack, I felt somehow relieved. Now, before I go to bed I put castor oil all around my stomach and put the belt all night. It is very practical and no need for the warm bottle of water. This way it relieves the gases as well as it detoxes the liver. Thank you Queen of the Thrones.

Randa M.


Customer Reviews

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Jane Pappenhagen
So far, so good:-)

So far, it seems to be helping me sleep better and an hour longer. The pad is quite large, but doesn't seem to bother me while I sleep.

Ml Chin

Organic Castor oil is wonderful
For helping me sleep at night
I went through 7-8 hours!!

Deb DeQuattro

So slow improvements of bowel movements. Removing 53 years of toxins doesn’t turn around quick, slow and steady..

J Allen
We love our liver packs

My kids and I added castor oil packs to our wellness routine and love them. They are like a warm hug that helps you sleep better, poop better and just feel better overall!

Andrea Bonham
Game changer!

I absolutely love this product! I am so glad I finally bought it. I have a toddler that wakes me up through the night & with this castor oil pack my sleep is so much deeper that Im able to go back to sleep so much easier & feel much more rested each morning! I can also tell it’s helped with inflammation!