My Son Has Taken Mine & Wears It Every Night Loving it! I sleep so good when wearing the pack. I need another one because my son has taken mine and wears it every night and loves it! It has helped him to sleep so well and to fall asleep quick.

-Rachel M.

Queen of the Thrones®

Original Organic Castor Oil Kids Pack Kit

$46.97 USD

Your new Original Castor Oil Kids Pack Kit is a bedtime ritual that feels like a comforting warm hug for your child and nourishes their little body, getting them ready for an amazingly deep, restful sleep. 

It works from the outside-in to set the foundation for excellent gut health, which reflects in better bowel movements, a calm and focused mind, healthy skin, and much more. Sounds amazing, agreed?


  • Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Kids Pack | Inner layer of organic cotton sherpa, outer layer of non-toxic, solvent-free polyurethane (PUL), nylon straps  - Reg. price $38.97
  • Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil 3.38 oz (100ml) | 100% pure, USDA certified organic, hexane-free, cold-pressed, extra virgin  Reg. price $15.97

Reg. price: $54.97... ONLY $46.97!

You save 15%!

Set your child up for a lifetime of good health with their new favorite bedtime self-care ritual.

Is your child the one who’s...

  • Always bouncing off the walls and can’t sit still
  • Always geting belly aches, constipation, or loose stools
  • Having problems sleeping at night, always crawling into your bed and waking you up
  • Getting constant infections like cold and flu
  • Finding unexplained rashes and eczema
  • On the spectrum, has PANDAS or other chronic conditions, and you’ve been on an endless journey of trying to find what works for your child

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions, you’re in the right place.

The Original Castor Oil Kids Pack Kit will be your child’s new favorite bedtime ritual, loved just as much as storytime and being tucked in.

Heat-less Less-mess Resuable Certified Organic Designed by Naturopathic Doctor

Would you love to share your favorite self-care tool with your kids so they can form healthy habits that will last a lifetime?

Start here, with your new Castor Oil Kids Pack Kit.

What is it exactly?

A Castor Oil Kids Pack is one of the oldest self-care rituals in the world and the best-kept secret known only to a privileged few. From Traditional Chinese Medicine to Indian Ayurveda to modern Naturopathic Medicine, it has withstood the test of time for centuries in cultures all over the globe. Amazing, right? It is the ritual of applying castor oil to a piece of organic cotton flannel then placing it onto the body (traditionally over the liver) and wearing it for 1 hour or more for physical and spiritual wellbeing.

What are Castor Oil Kids Packs used for?

For centuries, they’ve traditionally been used to support:

  • Body, mind and soul wellness and health optimization
  • Constipation, diarrhea, bloating, indigestion, upset tummy
  • Nightmares, insomnia, and other sleep problems
  • Bedwetting
  • Stress reduction, anxiety, depression
  • ADHD and concentration
  • Gut microbiome balance, especially after antibiotic use
  • Unexplained rashes and eczema

And much more!

Just like a soother helps to calm everything for your baby, castor oil kids packs are supportive in all conditions to naturally engage the healing mechanisms of the body.

How does it work?

You’re probably thinking, how could a piece of cotton with castor oil on my child’s skin impact their insides?! It all sounds a little ‘woo-woo’, don’t you think? I thought so too, until discovering that this ritual is clinically practiced, time-honored, and scientifically supported!

The Castor Oil Kids Pack supports:

  • Bowel movement regulation1 2
  • Inflammation reduction3
  • Liver cleansing and antioxidant status4 5 6
  • Microbiome balance7 8 9
  • Less stress and anxiety by moving the body into a relaxed state10 11 12

And more!

The key part of this ritual is the pack, as the soft compression of the pack on your child’s skin is what instantly moves them into a relaxed state by simply and gently engaging their nervous system and promoting the release of feel-good hormones like oxytocin and dopamine. Think of that feeling when someone you love gives you a big hug and you feel a rush of warm and fuzzy feelings! Would you love that for your child?

Can I just drink the oil or take a castor oil pill?

The Original Organic Castor Oil Thyroid Pack™ nourishes the thyroid locally by topical application. If you take castor oil orally, it acts more as a laxative due to its power to stimulate smooth muscles. This is typically done for relieving constipation, however, a study done in an old age home compared castor oil liver packs to conventional laxatives and found they were just as effective, but without the extreme discomfort and harsh urgency to run to the bathroom! I’ll take that over running to the bathroom anyday, would you?

You see, it’s not another supplement, it’s a new system… You want to find the magic pill that will fix everything for your child and make them feel better, but think of the real estate alone - a tiny little supplement isn’t going to fix everything, especially if their gut isn’t absorbing it! The Original Castor Oil Kids Pack Kit is a system that foundationally balances digestion, absorption and elimination so that all the healthy food and supplements they are taking work BETTER and FASTER.

Can I just rub castor oil on my child’s skin instead?

Simply rubbing castor oil on your child’s belly and throwing an old T-shirt on overtop (also known as the “Lazy Man’s Castor Oil Pack”) only gives them about 50% of the benefits. The castor oil pack is an equally important part of the process because the soft compression of the pack on their skin is what promotes the release of feel-good hormones like oxytocin and dopamine, and helps move their body into the relaxed parasympathetic state.

Is it messy? 

By nature, castor oil is a beautifully messy oil that WILL stain fabrics. Your new less messy approach is to work with the Original Organic Castor Oil Thyroid Pack™ that is ready to wear, heatless and LESS-Mess – NO, it is not messless, but it’s less messy than a DIY pack option and it’s adjustable to your unique size… How does that sound? Good, right?

How easy is it to use?

Step 1: Apply 1-2 tsp of castor oil on the soft cotton side of your Queen of the Thrones® Kids Pack

Step 2: Place your pack over your child’s liver and tie it in place

Have them wear their pack for a minimum of 1 hour before bed. That’s all. This super easy self-care system takes less than a minute to prep!

Caution: Do not allow your child to wear the pack unsupervised. Do not allow your child to wear while sleeping, straps can be a choking hazard.

How to use Castor Oil Pack

Are there dangers of doing castor oil packs?

ALWAYS SUPERVISE your child while wearing their pack as the straps can be a choking hazard, and always check in with your child’s doctor before starting any new lifestyle practices.

Using plastic with castor oil packs is a recipe for hormonal disaster, so we always avoid plastic wrap and castor oil bottled in plastic – you should too. Always use 100% pure, organic, hexane-free, cold-pressed, and extra virgin castor oil from a glass bottle, with an organic, unbleached cotton sherpa pack that is free of dyes.

A common misconception is that castor oil contains ricin, a protein found in the castor bean that is poisonous to humans. There is NO ricin in castor oil, and it’s perfectly safe to use!

Where can I learn more? 

Find out more by visiting and following our social media accounts where you can learn the ins and outs of this clinically practiced, scientifically supported and time honored ritual. 

I’ve got one more thing for you! We are lifting the velvet rope, just for you...

I’d love to give you VIP access to all things castor oil packs this FREE EASY EGUIDE to help you on your journey. Click here to get it now.  

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I’ve heard I have to add heat to it?

The Original Castor Oil Kids Pack is engineered to naturally hold in your own body heat. You got it, we just need to save it! Plus who wants the hassle of another thing to remember? Not me, am I right? If you wish to add a hot water bottle over top of the pack you can, it’s all about personal preference!

Can I wash it and re-use it?

It is unknown whether or not toxins are absorbed into the pack, which is why it’s important to always use fresh oil with each use of your Original Castor Oil Kids Pack and replace your pack regularly (about every 2 months). If you wish to clean your Castor Oil Kids Pack, this edutainment video shows how.

Will it fit my child?

The Original Castor Oil Kids Pack is made to fit over the size of the human liver. No matter your body type, livers are generally the same size. The Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Kids Pack has long, comfortable straps that can be tied to fit and adjust to most body sizes.

Why is this pack so much better and easier for me?

It’s made with the healthiest materials possible and ready for your child to wear! Simply place oil on your pack and tie it on. That’s it, that’s all.

Is the Queen of the Thrones® pack MESSLESS?

NO, it is not MESSLESS, with castor oil you can never completely avoid a mess… But you can make it less messy with the Original Castor Oil Kids Pack, sound good?

Guaranteed Craftsmanship 

Over time with regular use, replacing your Organic Castor Oil Thyroid Pack™ every two months is ideal. If you are unsatisfied with any craftsmanship in our product we guarantee it 100%.

Return Policy 

At Queen of the Thrones® we will bend over backwards to make your experience awesome!! If you are unsatisfied with your experience or your products, reach out to our Care Team so we can make it all better (and even greater still!). 

We’d Love to Hear From You

Please reach out to our Care Team with any questions, concerns, feedback or even just to say hi! We love to hear from you, my friend. 

Email us:

Call us: 1-833-887-2627

Backed by Science Cold Pressed Hexane Free Extra Virgin Cruelty Free


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Sarah Davis
Good concept

My son won’t really wear it. He says it’s itchy and uncomfortable

Abigail Harper
A better size!

Queen of the Thrones should also market this for petite adults as well. ALSO it works great for injury sites that need a smaller size than the traditional size regular. Overall, wonderful to have this size addition, whether for the kids, for smaller adults, or for injuries requiring a pack of smaller size!

Castor Oil packs (Original, Thyroid and kids)

Love the packs. Super easy to use. Sometimes the edges of the packs curl up a bit. May be useful to spread out ties wider, and add another in middle to prevent curling; or spread out and make the elastic straps wider/thicker and even possibly velcro. Love the product.

Joelle Whiting

My kids are loving their packs! Already implemented into our routine. Easy to use and they do it themselves.

Thank you!

Perfect fit!

The kids size pack fits my petite frame more comfortably.