Replacement Castor Oil Pack Compress

$45.97 USD

“My naturopath had me start castor oil packs using flannel as the pack. It was such a pain and so messy. This pack has made life so much easier. I do this pack nightly and don't have to fiddle around with flannel and plastic wrap.” – Anita D, Queen of the Thrones® fan.

Say goodbye to messy DIY castor oil packs of the past. This carefully designed, organic cotton sherpa pack was made to be heat-less, less-mess & reusable. When your well-loved compress is ready to be replaced or you just want 2 on hand, look no further… This treatment that was once a pain is now simple, cleaner, & feels like a warm hug! Made with an inner layer of organic cotton sherpa & an outer layer of eco & health-friendly polyurethane.

For only $15 more you can get the Castor Oil Pack Bundle which includes a compress & a 500ml (16.9 oz) bottle of organic castor oil (regularly $29.97)!

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marykaye baker

Love these products!!

New design is Huge!

The new design of the pack is huge and does not fit as well. While the new ties are much softer the size of the pack would be more appropriate for a large man and I am an average 5”6 woman. I loved the way the old one hugged my body.

Diane Meyers
Love these packs

I love how these packs are soft and how they help keep the Castro oil contained. I have been noticing a difference in my body wearing it overnight.

Life changing!

I am now guaranteed a great nights sleep after incorporating your pack into my life! I really don’t want to go to sleep without it. LOVE!!

Luvs your products

So easy to use and not messy 💕