Castor Oil Fascia Massage Roller Kit
Castor Oil Fascia Massage Roller Kit
Castor Oil Fascia Massage Roller Kit
Castor Oil Fascia Massage Roller Kit
Castor Oil Fascia Massage Roller Kit

Castor Oil Fascia Massage Roller Kit

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Scars, stretch marks, and cellulite are often areas of sensitivity, when truly they are beautiful, natural signs of growth and change as your body evolves

Body rolling is an ancient Chinese technique that supports lymphatic flow, circulation, and collagen production so you can show love to your body as it goes through natural seasons of change. This is also your new favorite self-care tool for rolling out sore muscles and tension in your neck and shoulders

Kit Includes:

  • Queen of the Thrones® Body Roller | Made with flexible silicone and metal marbles. It includes a hand strap that allows you to easily roll around your every curve
  • Queen of the Thrones® Cosmetic Castor Oil 3.38 oz (100ml) | 100% pure, USDA certified organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin, hexane-free and bottled in glass 

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Customer Reviews

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Debora Rollins
Fascia Massager

I was hoping this would be easier to use and clean. I’m not able to reach my scars on lower back and other places. It’s also very slippery with the oil. Cannot get a good grip. It would be better on a stick of some kind. Because of this it is not helpful for me to use at all.

Is there a way to return it and just get more oil for the exchange??

Chloe H
Body Roller

I've been using this every night for just a few minutes on a fairly new scar on my leg, and I love the difference I'm starting to see.
It feels great, but it also is so helpful for lymph flow, blood flow, and promoting healthy tissue after having surgery.
Cheaper than regular massage! Very easy to use. Love it!


This tool is invaluable. I've been experiencing extreme pain for years. The ritual I've developed using thus tool and the Castor Oil is relieving a lot of pain.

Alina Jones
Castor oil

I love the castor oil pack and castor oil! I like the roller but didn't pay close attention to the size of the castor oil. I think it was my fault but might be better if they made the ounces more obvious. Overall still a happy customer.

S Smith
Love your Caster Oil

I love your caster oil, the fact that you choose glass rather than plastic bottles, Love that! That it is organic and first press, Love that too!
You know what matters and you have done it right. Thank you, I am very grateful you have put such a good product on the market for us.
I have been going through treatment for cancer and my naturopathic Oncologist, has me using the caster oil on my hands and feet for chemo, I've massaged it into my scare tissue post surgery and I will use us it post radiation to lessen the impact. Thank you!