Beauty Sleep Brow & Lash Kit

$40.97 USD
“I am noticing a MAJOR difference in brow and lash health - and the puffiness around my eyes is GONE! Plus I'm sleeping so much better. Highly recommend the "Queen of the Thrones" products - you won't be disappointed!”

 -Angie D.

Balance your circadian sleep rhythms and nourish the skin around your eyes, lashes and brows, so you can get your beauty sleep!  

  • Queen of the Thrones® Organic Cosmetic Castor Oil | 100% pure, USDA certified organic, hexane-free, cold-pressed, extra virgin | 16.9 oz (100ml) 
  • Queen of the Thrones® Circadian Sleep Eye Mask | Inner layer of organic cotton sherpa, outer layer of non-toxic, solvent-free polyurethane (PUL), nylon straps 
  • Applicator Brush | Double-ended castor oil applicator brush for eyelashes & eyebrows

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Customer Reviews

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Donald Scholtz
Cosmetic Castor Oil

After a week of use my eyes feel better using the cosmetic castor oil.
The mask is too small for me to use.

Jamie Lang
Love this product.

Great for bloating. I also use for eye and thyroid.

Alexandra Rominger

Haven’t had a chance to try it. Hope to do this by the weekend.

Big results for dry eyes

This has greatly improved my dry eye issue! I apply it around and on my eyelids as well as on the edge of my lids to the eye itself before bedtime.It does not interfere with my vision other than some slight occasional blurring, but not severe. Sometimes I will just apply it late in the day when my eyes are tired and dry due to outside environment, but this nightly application usually gets me thro most of the day.

Helen Miguel
Castor oil pack and castor oil beauty mask

I bought both for a better sleep. I am wearing them for almost 4 months.
Till now I have the same sleep problem.The castor oil beauty mask help very good with the relax of the eyes.