The Original Mediterranean Cleanse™

$69.99 USD

"Do you ever feel like you’re more than your hormonal condition? More than your fatigue? More than your digestive problems? That’s because you are MORE THAN just a physical body. This cleanse rejuvenates a tired body & SPIRIT through therapeutic fasting, water practices, meditation & Biblical foods that heal & nourish.” -Dr. Marisol Teijeiro, Naturopathic Doctor & Founder of Queen of the Thrones®

This is unlike any cleanse you’ve tried before! The Original Mediterranean Cleanse™ (A.K.A. The Genesis Cleanse) is a 14 day online experience inspired by the 7 days of creation in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, written by Moses; and is waiting to restore your mind-gut connection, and the faith you once had in your body’s ability to heal.

This is your opportunity for a food-based, supplement-free, body and spirit cleanse to help improve your sleep, reduce cravings, and boost energy, so that you can feel good in your own skin again!

The first 7 days you’ll clean up your pantry and prepare for the adventure, learning all of the Original Mediterranean Cleansing and Detox principles!

The next 7 days is where you will do your simple food-based, supplement-free cleanse!!

What you'll get:

  • Short daily 3-5 minute videos from a naturopathic doctor on how to cleanse easily and NATURALLY so you can transform your physical & spiritual wellbeing
  • Healthy grocery list with full meal plan & recipes for an easy Mediterranean Cleanse™ (vegetarian options included!), so you can know what food to make to support your cleanse, and have a stocked cupboard ready to get you there!
  • Tips and techniques for lifestyle practices like intermittent fasting, hot and cold showers, positive affirmations and more!

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        Customer Reviews

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        Fannie Johnson
        It works great

        All of the products I have used are great and work for me. I am the better for them.

        Variety of Uses

        I love how I can use castor oil for my liver, my eyes and my hair--so many uses, and all good for us inside and out.

        Angela Curcio
        Amazing product

        The castro oil pack is so amazing and easy to use and clean.. Easy breezing healthy living.

        Debra Myers
        Genesis Cleanse

        I love the cleanse being related to scripture as well as the options for ease suggested. I have not been able to do water only but have done liquids. The option was very encouraging! I plan to stay consistent monthly.

        Carrie Blackowski
        I love recipes

        I like the idea of the cleanse but I thought there would be at least SOME recipes to go along with it.

        Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback Carrie.
        You should have received a Genesis Cleanse Recipe book with a recipes and a meal plan including Roasted Carrot Ginger Soup for Dinner and a Balsamic Beet Salad for Lunch!
        Please reach out to us at so that we can make this right for you!