The Queen Kit™

$119.97 USD

"This kit has totally transformed my health & self-care practice!!" - Queen of the Thrones™ fan.

With the Queen Kit™, you can create your own unique self-care ritual that addresses so many of your health disturbances supports regular bowel movements, cleansing, hormone balance, mood, reduction of stress, inflammation & so much more. By introducing natural, organic, & high-quality products into your daily life, you can feel good about your health practices. These tools are carefully curated to remove the confusion of the natural health world & set you up to Own Your Throne!

The perfect all-in-one organic self-care bundle (you’re saving 15%!) for you & a loved one. Get more than one & save even more.

SPECIAL OFFER: You can get all of this PLUS a copy of Dr. Marisol ND's award-winning book, Oh, Sh*t! Upgrade to the Castor Oil Gut Health Kit for even more savings!

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Customer Reviews

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Carolyn Yost

Good products

Jessica Beeler
Great service!

I had issues with two products being broken, not working and the team got back to me immediately to replace, they were very responsive and helpful. I am about 10 days into trying the castor oil packs, they are pretty easy to use and I’m hopeful will address many of my issues with continued use.

Dr. Amy

I’ve been using the liver packs overnight and have seen improvement in my sleep and gut motility.
I’ve done liver detoxes previously with charcoal and drinking nasty stuff.
I definitely like the liver packs better and I’m getting similar results. Thank you!

Karen D.
The help I needed and more

I’ve been healing for many years now from a long-term viral and bacterial infection that entered my nervous system and was causing seizures. My major issues have finally resolved but I was still unable to regulate my thyroid and lose weight no matter what I tried. In one week of putting the packs on my thyroid and my liver I busted through a plateau that I’ve been at for many many years and I haven’t seen a weight this low since junior high. I’m going keep going and give my body this gift. It has been so easy to wear the pack and sleep in the pack. Castor oil packs used to be a big ordeal and very messy for me. I haven’t stained a single piece of my clothing or my sheets and I’ve been able to go about my day wearing the pack and I know I’m doing something wonderful for my body. The only thing I would love to have seen is an option with double the cotton packs. Two for the thyroid, eyes and core. Other than that, it was perfect for me. I LOVE the bracelet and throne spray. 🙌🏻


I’ve used it three times so far, and I’m very happy with this purchase. I was concerned it would be uncomfortable or feel weird. It’s no problem at all, and the deep sleep is such a sweet bonus! Thank you!