DIY Food Sensitivities Discovery Kit

$236.96 USD

All of the Queen of the Thrones® tools (4 products) + Dr. Marisol ND's Oh, Sh*t! + access to Map Out Food Sensitivities course and e-book.

Navigate the world of personal food sensitivities, moving from feeling totally crappy in your body & simply going through to motions, to feeling empowered, healthy & ready to live out your purpose & passion. 

You'll be equipped with EVERY tool you need, Dr. Marisol's award-winning book that focuses on digestive health & food that works for YOU, and all the natural DIY techniques you need to reveal unique food sensitivities at home. Get ready to connect to your beautiful body temple & find out what’s best for you!

Here's what you will receive:

  • Castor Oil Pack Bundle with organic castor oil
  • Beauty Sleep Eye Kit with organic castor oil
  • Eau de Throne™ - After you Poo Parfum™
  • Grateful Dung™ Bracelet
  • Dr. Marisol ND's award-winning Oh, Sh*t!
  • Access to Map Out Food Sensitivities course
  • Comprehensive Map Out Food Sensitivities e-book

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Jodie French
Amazing Results

After attending Dr. Marisol's webinar I realized my skin itching was due to food sensitivities. I have removed those foods and started the Castrol Pack and the itching stopped and my bloating was reduced by half. I am sleeping much better and my digestive system is staring to heal. Thanks you Dr. Marisol!!!