Castor Oil Gut Health & Hormones Bundle
Castor Oil Gut Health & Hormones Bundle

Castor Oil Gut Health & Hormones Bundle

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"This kit has totally transformed my health & self-care practice!!" - Queen of the Thrones® fan.

With the Castor Oil Gut Health & Hormones Bundle, you can create your own unique self-care ritual that supports regular bowel movements, cleansing, hormone balance, mood, reduction of stress, inflammation & so much more. By introducing natural, organic, & high quality self-care products into your daily life, you can feel good about your health practices. These tools are carefully curated to remove the confusion of the natural health world & set you up to Own Your Throne!

The perfect all-in-one organic self-care bundle (you’re saving 15%!) for you & a loved one. Get more than one & save even more.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Johnson

Castor Oil Gut Health & Hormones Bundle

Love it!

I have been doing castor oil packs for a while now the old messy way and was a little skeptical that without heat it wouldn’t work the same! I was wrong it’s great! I can wear it all night and my skin is just as great as with the old Method! So much less mess so much easier and the results are the same! Love it!

Angela French
Still learning...

I bought this for my teenage daughter. She slept so deep the first night and had very vivid dreams. This has been one of any issues she is dealing with. We don't have a diagnosis yet, but suspect she has endometriosis. She has noticed this monthly visit from 'aunt flo' was not as painful as expected. We are still learning about how castor oil pack can help her, and am hopeful this will be apart of her daily life.

Bridget Benhardus
Castor oil liver pack/The beauty pack

I couldn’t believe how quick it came. The quality of the products! The outcome of my first night wearing my liver pack, I was amazed how I felt the next morning. I was well rested, relaxed and happy. I just felt so good! I am one to give you my honest feedback, and these products and this company I give it 120/100! Definitely recommend!

Cheryl DeLozier
Needs different ties

Your product is great, and the pad is great as well...except the elastic bands do not work for me, they seem to be designed for skinny people, I'm not huge but I would have to tie them in a small knot just to keep it on and I can't sleep with a knot in my back and then not be able to get it undone in the to solve my problem I took the elastic off and used an ace bandage to wrap around me and tie in the front. Worked great and was very comfortable! I wish the company could design it with a short ace bandage with velcro to attach to the front of the pad, then it would be perfect!!!

Isabel Calkins
Excellent pack

I took almost 2 years to purchase this because I had made my own version. The truth is nothing is more comfortable than the Dr Marisol’s castor oil pack. I am able to wear it nightly and getting the maximum benefits. I’ve already recommended it to others and will keep doing so! I wish I bought it immediately when I saw it. It’s been worth it!

Moriah Kuehl
Castor oil pack

I got the castle oil pack to help with constipation. I’ve used it a few nights in a row and have seen such great improvements!! Thank you Queen of Thrones!!

Vicki Johnson

Very happy

Amanda Creamer

The Queen Kit™

kathleen hall
I love Queen of Thrones!!!

I am so excited to be back to using castor oil on my thyroid and belly. It is so much easier with the packs ready to go and to wear them while asleep. I used to use a hot water bottle on them and it was messy and it took time to sit there for 20-30 minutes. The Queen of Thrones way is a no brainer and makes it so easy It has become a daily ritual. The quality of the oil is the best ever too! Thank you Queen of Sheba! xxoo Kathleen S. Hall